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If the FDA has not approved a drug to be used in a specific manner (a drug meant to be used as s.c. and instead used IV) what is the responsiblity of the nurse that is giving that drug under the MD... Read More

  1. by   Q.
    Ok now I am sort of freaking out.

    We routinely use cytotec as a means for inducing labor. It has been over and over again published as unsafe for pregnant women, etc. There has been documentation on both sides of the fence for this drug - however, the manufacturer does not condone this off-label use. I do carry my own malpractice insurance - however, isn't the hospital even more liable than me as they still keep this MD on staff for Rx it?
  2. by   kennedyj
    If anyone has a reaction etc.. There should be a policy in place using Vit K IV. I don't think there is a benefit to this and risk would probably outweigh benefit. Jcaho requires a policy for all procedures. By having this in the SOP nurses would be better protected. I would guess that they would not write it to policy if asked

    I have used both Cytotec and Prosteglandin E2 gel. Probably prefer the PE2 gel but could be biased due to the arguments with cytotec. They both seem to work.

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