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I plan on watching up coming episode about small pox outbreak. Will be interesting to see how they handle it.... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    Hi Lausana,

    The last 15 minutes of ER were.............

    The CDC confirmed it was Small Pox but they did not yet know what kind so everyone had to remain quarentined. Carter and Abby were quarentined to a seperate room because they had been working directly with the children who had small pox. The very end of the show was Abby asking Carter if they would be OK, he kissed her told her they would be OK and then kept on a'kissin her! That's what the "cross contamination" remark was about.
  2. by   Lausana
    ok, got it...thanks Colleen!
  3. by   kmp297
    I quit watching ER when I started watching CSI. I love CSI. It's a new kind of show. Unlike any other. I like how you hardly ever know what or who actually did the crime until the end. I did however watch the season finale of ER last night after the first CSI. The second one was a re-run. I thought it was pretty good.
    It's just not the same with all the old charactors gone though.

    I think the Guardian is a pretty good show too.
    Originally posted by Mary Dover
    Lausana, my fave girl DA was the one who now has her own series (can't think of her name, but her new series is Crossing Jordan). Later the story line seemed to imply that she and Jack had previously had an affair, and that afterwards she was killed in a car accident. I don't know if that was actually in an episode, or if that's just how the story played out after she left. Do you know? I thought I'd seen just about every episode with the syndicated reruns, but perhaps I've missed a couple.
    Mary - I think we have some kind of karmic connection.

    Claire was my favorite also. I've just started liking it this year, so most of my knowledge is limited to reruns on TNT and A&E.

    I saw the episode you are talking about just a few days ago and I was so mad! (It was the 6th season finale, BTW) Briscoe, Curtis, Claire and Jack all witness an execution. They all deal with it in a different way. Curtis had an affair with some tramp he met at the park, Claire was gonna quit, but Van Buren talked her out of it, and Briscoe fell off the wagon. At the end, Claire went to pick Briscoe up from the bar, and wrecked driving him home. She died, he lived.

    Since I saw that episode, I can't stand Curtis, or anyone that replaces Claire!

    How weird!

  5. by   armyrn
    CSI is the best but i don't get to watch it much because my wife always wants to watch will & grace (stupid show). CSI miami will have david caruso from back when NYPD blue was fun to watch. Also the blonde w/ the southern drawl. need more southern women on TV!
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    Call me silly, but I'm really liking The Osbournes also. I made the mistake of sipping a soda when I caught that one scene where he fell over in the chair - SODA out my nose! That was hilarious!