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It was my 3rd day working as a contract for a small, but busy hospital. It was a 12 hour shift, and I was on my feet for 10 hours, the other 2 hours remaining I sat down from time to time to... Read More

  1. by   rehabhomepurple
    Hello! I understand your guilty feelings, we've all been there. We all need to remember that we are only one person and we can only humanly do so much. We are not super-hero nurses that so many patients seem to think we are. Don't beat yourself up over that terrible shift. Unfortunately I'm sure it wasn't your first, and I know it won't be your last! The fact that your still thinking about it means you're a caring person, seriously!!!
  2. by   prmenrs
    I think walking out on her was maybe better than losing patience and saying something to her that you might regret even more? When you go back, perhaps you could take her a flower or some other little thing to make up for it.

    Certainly sounds like the place is dangerously understaffed, but I know nothing about Med-Surg.
  3. by   MamaTheNurse
    holy smokes - I worked Med-Surg in a small rural hospital (90 beds) and we did "Team Nursing" - each team had 1 RN, 1 LPN & 1 CNA for a team of 10 people - I couldn't even imagine working in your situation. I've said this in other threads - I work in paradise compared to some of you......

    Bless your heart for feeling guilty! At least you had time to do for that lady what you did (I think replacing water that tasted "stale" was above and beyond the call of duty) and she wasn't exactly coding or anything......

    In my neck of the woods (Northern Michigan) the rural hospitals can be pretty busy - at the one I referenced earlier in this post, we had a 5 or 6 bed ICU, an OB that did 300-some deliveries a year and an ER that was usually rockin' - the reasons why depended on what time of year it was (snowmobilers, skiers, hunters, summer tourists, National Guard people too acute for their infirmary - plus we had a medium security prison and a camp for young offenders in the area) - they are great learning environments!!

    Good luck to you!!!! I hope all goes well at this assignment!