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    As far as my hospital, it requires a carseat, the nurse walks the parents and new babe out and watches them load up the baby in the carseat. Do they have an actual legal right to do this? I'm not sure, but in my state carseats are required so maybe they do.
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    On the other hand,

    What about people who aren't getting into a car? I work downtown in a major city. The buses don't have seatbelts, the subways, trains, and trolleys don't' have seatbelts, and several thousand people live within walking distance of the hospital. And yet, I saw nurses trying to bully people into buying a car seat, even though they weren't taking the child home in a car. Even though they didn't have a car.
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    Okay, here are some stats:

    “It’s no coincidence that because 8 out of 10 Americans are wearing their safety belts, we have also achieved the lowest traffic fatality rate on our Nation’s highways since record-keeping began 29 years ago,”

    And from the CDC comes this:

    "Recent studies suggest that MVC fatalities and injuries among infants and children can be reduced further by promoting and enforcing age-appropriate restraint use "

    It doesn't take much to figure out that to use car seats and seatbelts saves lives. Never, ever in the 10 years I did level one trauma nursing and in the other 8 years I've done pre-hospital care have I ever seen where wearing a seatbelt caused death. No way, no how! Now, I have seen people die and yes some did wear seatbelts. However, the mechanism of the crash was such that it was unsurvivable. It is always better to remain in the vehicle than to thrown to the hard pavement.
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    I think that it would be best to talk to the parent and direct them to a free car seat program. Calling the police might result in an unnecessary endangerment charge when the situation could have been fixed with education. It is not helping that child for its parents to get a criminal record, all that would do is endanger the child's financial future and take away from their quality of life when the parent can no longer get a decent job. That could have far longer reaching consequences for that child. The prudent and helpful thing to do would be to direct them to a free car seat program and tell them that it could result in a horrible accident or criminal charge. I do not think it is helpful for a nurse to seek such a charge.
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