New way of working in the care home where I work

  1. For me this yet hasn't happened as I am having a week off. But when I go back this will be the routine, Even the idea I dont agree with.

    The head of shift are now going to be sitting in the office area and have to watch what the other Carers do. Oh yes and We are going to be TIMED as well. As to how long it takes to get people up and put them to bed ect.

    I am sorry but I DON'T AGREE WITH THIS IDEA AT ALL. It makes me mad just thinking about it.

    I mean we are on our feet all day and hardley stop and now we are going to be WATCHED AND TIMED as to what we do.

    If I don't like it the first week I go back I will be looking for another job.

    This was the managers choice to make us do this, After we had the meeting about this one other Carer on the shift I was on said I will be looking for another job, cause I don't like this idea.

    Where I am only new to this job I will be put with various Carers and I will feel like I am being shoved from piller to post. Sorry but that isn't right.

    What are other people's thoughts on this. Would you work in a place if this is what you had to do be timed and watched.

    Your replys please. Many thanks.
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  3. by   luvbug
    Wow, I really have to agree with you on this one!! Isn't part of the healthcare profession to CARE for the patients? if they are timing you and you take "too long" then what? What if you are hurrying so much to meet the time requirements that you or one of the other assistants forgets something important? Is it because there is a budget crunch at your facility? Even so, how would the patients' families feel about this? I think it is asking alot. Care assistants, or CMA's have an awful lot to think about and remember with their residents/patients the way it is, why add any extra pressure? I think if I were you, I would start checking out other job options In this profession, there is always a job out there. Good luck! I saw a quote in a different thread on this site-something along the lines of 'we are only given as much crap as we take' or something, but I think it is fitting here. Keep smiling!!:roll
  4. by   Care Assistant
    Thankyou. I didn't expect a reply so fast on this topic. I agree with the statement about what if we forget something.

    To be truthfull The job is good but BEFORE this NEW RULE was applied we were racing around to get things done as it was let alone this new STUPID RULE.
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    We had a time management consulting group called West- Hudson once. They used a stop watch.
    One actually said in the elevator, "The nurse wasted seven minutes talking to the patient!
    WASTED? This was an oncology floor.
    Please let me have a caregiver who will talk to me when and if I am a patient!
    Pooh to them. I could not work like that either. What about the patients privacy?
  6. by   BadBird
    It sounds like there are care givers that are not doing their jobs and this will be managements way of writing them up to effectively fire them. You will learn in the nursing field if you don't like something wait a week it will change, there are so many changes it is hard to keep up sometimes. I wouldn't worry, if you do you job as you should then you won't have a problem, but the ones who take hour breaks, abuse smoke breaks, don't answer call lights and perform their duties as expected better worry.
  7. by   zudy
    I have also had experience with a time management consulant that walked around with a stopwatch and timed us. I told him in no uncertain terms that he was not to follow me or time me doing any thing or he could time me clocking out and going to my car. This guy was too clueless. My sister was NM of the PACU in the same hospital at that time, he asked her why every pt in PACU had to have a nurse with them(DUH!!) When she tried to explain keeping a pts airway open he said"Oh, so they are doing CPR on them?" They were standing in the middle of PACU at the time looking at the pts and staff. And these people make more money than us. I would vote with my feet.
  8. by   luvbug
    I do also have to agree with the person who wrote the thing about people who abuse breaks and things like that, too. Especially because there seem to be more of those people than good workers in a lot of places. But for those of use who are there to work and not socialize so much, I think the timing thing is ridiculous. I did work in a Long Term Care Facility where they had inside break rooms-one for non-smokers, and the other for smokers. Also, there were smoking rooms for the residents, and since they had to be with someone at all times, our lovely 'I don't want to be here anyway' people would "go with" the resident and sit in there for half an hour :angryfire
  9. by   shelleybelle
    wow... sounds like a relay race that is crazy
  10. by   capgirl
    hmmm, the supervisor doesn't have any responsibilites other than to time those caring for the pts????? Sounds like wasting a valuable resource there!!!
    As if you could ever JUSTIFY that 4 CNAs can give good QUALITY CARE to 40 residents.
    Good luck to you, I would not stand for it.
  11. by   azgirl
    I have seen that too. Pull one staff member from an already understaffed unit to watch the other people. And guess who they picked. A girl who would take report at 2:15p sit and smoke in the smoking area until 4p when the trays were delivered. That was their idea of a good employee. I rode it out as my spouse was FT nursing school at the time and eventually that whole idea changed and they actually caught on to her but not before they lost a lot of good employees.
  12. by   beachbaby
    Any facility that wants to "time" patient care needs to be reminded that not all patients are the same, needs are different, and if they want quality care, not assembly line get-ups, then maybe they need to rethink the whole idea of what a caregiver is. If you can't have an open discussion time at your next employee meeting, can you write a letter to the administration? And have everyone sign it. Some of the decisions the unit manager at our facility have made have not been in the best interest of the patient, and when brought to the attention of the administrator, he's straightened things out for us.
    That said, if you've done all you can do, and nothing has changed, then look for employment where your skills and your caring will be valued.
    I think STNA's, CNA's, whatever they're called in any area have to be the least appreciated, least compensated, and least listened to employees in the health care field.
    Take care, listen to your heart, and thanks for all you do,
  13. by   Disablednurse
    OKay, Have any of you thought about it from this angle, maybe they want to determine if they need more staff to care for the number of residents on the unit? This is sometimes done to determine if staff has enough time to do everything they are supposed to do. Give it a day or two before you get really upset about it and decide to quit. Now if after a day or two they start telling you goofy stuff, like you shouldn't take so much time to do this or that, then you have good reason to get mad. It may be being done to help you instead of hurting you.
  14. by   sjoe
    "Have any of you thought about it from this angle, maybe they want to determine if they need more staff to care for the number of residents on the unit?"

    If management gave a damn about the nurses, they would have been consulted from the beginning, instead of having this 1950s-era management tool sprung on them as a surprise.

    One more reason, as though we needed it, for a strong union.