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Occasionally I have run across old ladies that say they use Tylenol to help them sleep (not Tylenol P.M., mind you -- the regular stuff). I would always blow it off, thinking that it was all in... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Hoolihan, I am extremely sensitive to a lot of meds AND foods. You should see my medication allergy list alone. Whew! It always blows the nurses and doctors minds when they see my allergy list, and my sensitivity list. Maybe that's why Tylenol knocks me out at night. It doesn't take much to knock out this system of mine. I take Zocar at bedtime each night to control my cholesterol level, and it makes me even more sleepy. Go figure!
  2. by   capgirl
    As a PEDS nurse, I can say that we do give Tylenol to the wee ones when they can't sleep.
    I can't say what the mechanism of action is that puts them out, unless it is just that it takes the edge off any pain and lets them relax.....
    As far as ibuprofen, while somnolence is NOT listed as a potential side effect, the nursing2001 drug book says warn patient to avoid hazardous activities that require mental alertness until CNS effects are known.
    Remember THAT next time you have a headache at work!!!!!
  3. by   Cubby
    Yep Good ol' Tylenol puts me to sleep everytime. Who needs other drugs when Tylenol is available?
  4. by   AlexandraRN
    I have heard the same thing about Motrin, making you sleepy. In fact I know someone who wont take it during the day because it makes them so drowsy. Unbelievable!!!!
  5. by   REDWOMANRN
    If i even take 1 ES Tylenol--I will yawn for 5-6 hours!!!!

    And yes-I get sweet, sweet slumber!!

    I work in a small clinic-I told my doc about it and he laughed, but then I caught him telling a pt that he has heard of Tylenol helping for sleep!!!!

    So, therefore, we are not nutttsss!!!!!!!
  6. by   sharann
    My dear mom and mom-in-law both swear up, down and sideways that Tylenol is a major tranquilizer!
    Personally, the placebo would help me more.
    Also, my thought on this is that sometimes people are just in chronic pain, day in and day out, that they don't even KNOW it. (Like a mild tummyache that we live with for a week). The tylenol may just kill enough pain to let them relax and sleep, as the above people have already stated.
  7. by   OrthoNutter
    Acetominophen is paracetemol for non-US folks...took me ages to find that out myself...

    And have to say, it seems pretty popular with the docs here rather than writing up a benzo at night. Seems to be a bit of a placebo thing. I can give a pt panadol one night and say "here's your sleeper" and they'll go out like a light. If I tell the same person the next night, "here's a couple of panadol to sleep" all of a sudden, it doesn't work.

    But I do work with a few nurses who say that they bomb out if they take panadol. Each to their own I guess...
  8. by   jevans
    Thank you Cheerfukdoer
    Your explanation is great.

    Paracetamol is used for the same thing and Yes you would be surprised the number of my patients request its use for sleep at night It seem to be the great cure all. In fact acurrent patient thinks it does wonders for his bouts of cardiac asthma

  9. by   micro
    I cannot think in my knowledge base that I have, that tylenol only and simply puts people to sleep........

    but of course I am only the nurse, and I do believe that for every individual that an individual reaction may occur...........

    and maybe I should look to my medicine cabinet you can all see by my late posting, that micro here is suffering again from insomnia...........

    tylenol to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   P_RN
    Aches and pains and weary bones are eased with 2 extra strength tylenol (APAP, Panadol, Paracetamol).

    And if the ache is no longer, then you can rest.
  11. by   Ryan_W
    I used to give it -- never knew if it really helped, but figured it couldn't hurt
  12. by   Aussienurse2
    Prefer a vodka, or, after a realy bad day, single malt scotch work far better. Am thinking of getting a prescription, mabe I can gat it at a discount that way???
  13. by   micro
    and the pharmacy takes on a whole new look!!!!!

    the blue pill,
    the green pill,
    the happy pill,
    the green liquid,
    the purple liquid,
    the clear stuff.....
    and what proof is that.........