New Shoes!!!

  1. I am wearing NEW SHOES today - Only another nurse knows how neat that is - I am burning my long-time favorite replaced pair in a toxic waste pile. In fact - I bought TWO NEW PAIR of NEW SHOES!!!! They are clean - they are comfortable, they are so new. I feel like a little girl - nice clean white with little pink things on the sides and they will glow if a car comes racing down the 3rd floor hallway during the day. It has taken 6 long months to get to where I would not walk another step in the old ones.

    Working 3 or more very long never-sit-down 12's...

    Just wanted to tell someone. Tonight - they will be totally not new... (wonder what the first bodily fluid will be....)

    Have a wonderful day - no matter what shoes you are wearing!

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  3. by   nurseunderwater shoes :P
  4. by   ~Anne~
    Funny you should mention new shoes.... I was just thinking how badly I need them.... the things that we get excited about (lol).... well enjoy the shoes...oh ya and watch out for those bodily fluids, they tend to appear when you least expect them.
  5. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]soooo happy for you! i want new shoes, too. i have yet to find a pair that can take me through entire 12 hrs. painfree!
    [font=franklin gothic medium]you go girl! show them off in style! :hatparty:
  6. by   Cherish
    Hmm...What would y'all consider the BEST nurse shoes/clogs? I have flat feet and have custom made gel insoles to put in to my shoes that help relieve stress, but wanted to know what the most comfortable shoe is (style does NOT matter).
  7. by   nurseygrrl
    Cool! I posted a thread about my new shoes a little while back. I know how exciting this can be for a nurse!

    Good luck with them!
  8. by   Lucy4
    SAS are the best I have found - give much support and very durable as well as comfortable. The last pair I bought were $115 and have lasted almost a year. I'll replace them this summer. I've had New Balance and they are good also, but I prefer the SAS.

    I wear Birkenstock sandles all summer and love them. However, last year I splurged on a pair of Birkie shoes. After a month and many days of my feet killing me, I gave them up.
  9. by   nursedawn67
    Mine are still comfy..but are starting to look rough...may have to get a new opair soon. I prefer Sketchers.