new RN salary in washington state?

  1. I know i'ved asked this somewhere in allnurses, but haven't found the link. does anyone know of a realistic (or not?!) salary range for new rn grads in washington state? are there sign on incentives? i'm seriously thinking of relocating there this summer but want to get an idea of what type of income i'd be able to generate there once i get my rn. thanks in advance for any links, advice, comments.
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  3. by   buddiage

    Which side of the state? I just moved from Washington state two years ago. The cost of living is getting out of control, as is the horrible growth control and managment, making traffic a nightmare.

    There are nice things about washington, don't get me wrong, but I'd see in person where you'd go live first. If it's affordable, you might get a not-nice area. Some gang activity is in Parkland/Tacoma/Spanaway (Pierce County) and parts of King county (Burien, etc.).
  4. by   nurse1717
    My sister lives in Bellevue, west side (?) I'm moving from northern california where the cost of living is even higher.
    I was there in August and plan to go again in Jan/Feb when I can see what the drizzly weather is really like.
    Can you recommend hospitals for me to check into? I was thinking of looking at Overlake to avoid the commute into Seattle. Any ideas on salaries for new rn grads?
  5. by   buddiage

    I honestly can't think of any hospital in pierce or king county that won't require yucky traffic, unless you lived right by the hospital, then it wouldn't be a big deal.

    It does rain and is gray frequently and there is a lot of wetness there, but a sunny day in the summer is perfect. I hate sounding like such a debbie downer, but some find the rain to be too much.
  6. by   nurse1717
    $21.50? Really? Now, is there a review every 6mo-1yr? what is the top end? is this in an acute facility?
    yeah, i suppose if i work day shift (as i do now) i'll be able to miss most traffic in the am and as long as i leave on time (?) i'll miss the bulk of rush hour traffic.
    the dampness and wet...i've heard a lot about it. i'm considering the big picture--schools for my kids, housing, cost of living, etc.
    thanks for the info.
  7. by   lindarn
    Quote from marieylego
    $21.50? Really? Now, is there a review every 6mo-1yr? what is the top end? is this in an acute facility?
    yeah, i suppose if i work day shift (as i do now) i'll be able to miss most traffic in the am and as long as i leave on time (?) i'll miss the bulk of rush hour traffic.
    the dampness and wet...i've heard a lot about it. i'm considering the big picture--schools for my kids, housing, cost of living, etc.
    thanks for the info.
    I don't know exactly what the starting salaries are here in Spokane, but I will tell you that salaries, and benefits here are far lower that on the coast. The cost of living is lower, but it is catchng up. Experienced ICU nurses (10 years +), are making about $35 an hour. That is with a BSN, that of course, is never paid higher. Nurses are a dime a dozen here in Spokane, because there are three schools of nursing right here (two BSN and an ADN at the community college. Which also has an LPN program), and another right over the state line in Idaho, another ADN program. They churn em out, the new grads, and spit them right out the hospital door 4 year later.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
  8. by   smk1
    down in SW washington area near the Portland, or border the starting rate is around 23-24 dollars per hour. It is cheaper down here too, but the prices are climbing and the cost of living is getting a lot worse. Buying a decent home in a decent neigborhood is now over 200k with nothing special and not a lot of square feet. (compare this to 5-6 years ago when the same 215,000 doll;ar home was more like 125-130k.) we got into our home for 184k 2 years ago and now nothing in the neigborhood is under 270k. Still, it is cheaper than some places, and taxes are less than across the river in Portland, but the wages are not keeping pace in a lot of occupations with the inflation, and we have some of the highest gas prices in the nation. Beautiful scenery and a nice place to raise a family, but It is a lot cheaper if you head east towards Tri-cities.
  9. by   Antikigirl
    Bellevue and Seatle are gorgous I will give that, I had a grandmother who lived in Bellevue and I loved it there! However....

    I agree with SMK1 that for better wages going to SW Washington is a better start as far as cost of living. If you move the the Vancouver (right on the boarder of Portland Oregon) you can get your license for both states and have a choice of places. I know Portland has many hospitals to choose from, not quite sure how many are in the Vancouver area. (I live in NW Oregon).

    New Nurse salaries start from 21.50 to 23.00 depending on facility, and maybe higher. Some offer a raise after a probation period of 3 months.

    The Portland area has Providence Hosptials (2), Legacy Hospitals (3), Oregon Health and Science University Hospital (OHSU), Vetrans Hospital, Shriners children hospital (within OHSU), and more. Outside of the immediate Portland area there are others as well like Legacy Meridian park, Willamette Hospital, Tuality Community Hospital, and more. Also TONS of LTC/ALF/SNF's to go around!

    Commute is not as bad as Seatles most times, but you have to time it right. We also have a great commuter rail system called MAX that most people take to work (to save gas!) and most hospitals offer passes for that at a big discount! (beats paying for parking which can be 2x that or more!).

    Many people I know live in the Vancouver area and commute to Portland areas.

    As far as weather...YES RAIN! No getting out of that, but the summer months are soooooooo great and we have such a nice long summer/fall time that is gorgous! I is in the upper 80's today and has been for a few days! It has been awesome!!!!!!! But with rain comes our gorgeous trees and plants and scenery that can't be beat! ALSO big bonus, from Vancouver or Portland...2 hours either way you are either at the Coast, or the snowy mountains! MAN I love my home!

    Anyway..that is what I can tell you about my area which is 30 miles west of Portland in the country! What is is one freeway away straight shot and I am in Portland or Vancouver! Both are great!!!!!!!
  10. by   nkeele
    If you want a true range search the web for hospitals- like providence, legacy, peacehealth, find their websites and search the employment most have starting wage+ shift/weekend differentials. I am from SW washington, so I am not familiar with seattle area hospitals other than reputation- everything I have heard about overlake is good. Up there you will have to deal with trafic no matter what!
    I know the hospital here in town starts new RN's at $23-24 plus $2 for weekends, like $2 for eve and $4 for noc (off the top of my head- so not exact) and the starting is aprox the same maybe a little higher in Vancouver- about 35 miles S of me, but the hospitals are bigger and have 12 hour shifts.
    There is a lot of rain, but this is a beautiful state!!
  11. by   smk1
    Vancouver major hospitals are Southwest Washington Medical Center, and Legacy Salmon Creek which is about 1 or 2 years old. Lots of clinics, LTC and a VA center here, but you also can commute to Portland for more options. IF no traffic you can be anwhere within 25 minutes, if you are working an 8-5 type of job though then the traffic can get pretty bad.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    The above is so true. It depends on where you live as to how far your salary will go. Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia are getting just RIDICULOUS Cost of Living-wise so be careful about moving here.

    I would advise you check COL in SW WA or Eastern WA, and see if you can better afford those places. Your money will likely go further in those localities than in Sea-Tac. JMO after living 7 years here.

    Oh and the traffic in Sea-Tac, is a true hellish nightmare. One more thing you will really want to consider, before moving this way.
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    another place to consider living (which I always have wanted to): Bellingham, Wa. It's beautiful and cheaper than Sea-Tac, as well. I love it there.
  14. by   Antikigirl
    I agree with the traffic in the SeaTac area!!!!!!!!! OMG has Olympia ever NOT been under construction on I-5??? LOL!!!!!!

    When I was a child, I went up to Seattle and was amazed at this new concept of highways that only went one way during different times of the was supose to be revolutionary and help with in town commute in the AM, out side town commute in the just turned into a nightmare!!! I think your insurance costs increase by 50% just making a turn in Seattle..LOL!!!!!!!!

    Portland is less of a nightmare, but still in the league of horrid hwys! And all their one way streets and turn abouts in the city just about drive you insaine!!!! On star may be a good investment..LOL!

    When I go to the Portland area, I use the MAX! Also it goes to the airport and I do that too (no parking fees!!!!!!). It doesn't go to Vancouver yet...I think...but that would be cool too! (they were considering it...not sure of the progress).

    They are just now putting up a sky trolley to OHSU from the waterfront...that should be helpful too! It does seem that the transit system in Portland trys very hard to cater to medical facilities! That is cool!

    Bellingham...prrrrrrr gorgous!!!!!!!!!!!!