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I know i'ved asked this somewhere in allnurses, but haven't found the link. does anyone know of a realistic (or not?!) salary range for new rn grads in washington state? are there sign on incentives?... Read More

  1. by   nurse1717
    thanks for the $ and advice! this will be of great help to me. happy nursing!
  2. by   moongirl
    I know of a fresh grad who started at Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane Washington in their cardiac step down unit at $24 per hour this August. Her orientation also included 3 months of cardiac education.
    here is the web address. When you type in "Registered Nurse" there are 89 listings
    here is the website in case that does not work

    there is another big hospital in Spokane as well, Deaconess
    they have a womens and childrens center too
  3. by   tntrn
    In the Seattle/Bellevue area you won't avoid rush hour traffic by working day shift. Boeing shift workers are on the road from 2-4 and early in the am, right at the same time you are.
  4. by   MBrickle
    wow! only 270k for houses...jeez, i need to move! where I live the cheapest house in my town is probably 500-625k!
  5. by   Reno1978
    Houses in eastern WA are affordable still. I grew up in the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick, Richland) and went looking at houses when I was up there last year for shiggles. Entry level homes in the low $100,000s. My friend just bought a 3BR townhome in Pasco w/ 2200sq.ft. for $127,000. He works at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland and they start their nurses at around $21-22, if memory serves.
  6. by   nurse1717
    thanks for the great advice. i will most likely move to bellevue if anywhere. sounds as though i need to stay away from boeing, expedia (?) and other large businesses to avoid the commute traffic. maybe a hospital in bellevue would be best for me. MAX system sounds super cool what a perk. We've got BART here (Bay Area Rapid Transit). ok. back to studying for my CPNE! i appreciate everyone's help. thanks much!
  7. by   buddiage
    For your get a "feel."

    Here's a major newspaper website:

    I don't know "The Seattle Times" one either, but that might be good in a search engine.
  8. by   CRNAinwaiting
    I can agree with the way things have gone as far as price...we bought a home in Late Oct of 99 in Vancouver...sits on the border of the state direct shot into Portland...bought nice house.. 2400 SQF...150K...
    it now appraises at $315K... same house...frankly in the next 5 years it will be time for new paint and consider possible roofing issues... if I put upgrades and did pain t etc now I could get in the neighborhood of $330-$350... I am afraid things are getting out of control all over... I have as yet to find anyplace that is becoming like this...I love husband is in the navy and when he retires we are looking at going back there....but jeeeeeeeeeeze...things are getting expensive..