New Patient Asessment

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    I am a CNA in Florida, and will be starting an RN program in January. I work in a large rehab facility. Last night, we had a new admit come in, and the RN Supervisor had the LPN do the patient assesment, and she in turn had her CNA assist her. It has been my understanding that only RN's are supposed to asess patients. Is this correct? I am by NO means knocking LPN's, I am just curious if the correct procedures were followed. The LPN who did the asessment, has only worked there 4 times (she is prn) and does not have patient contact outside of the rehab facility, or so she says, and considering that she was at her wits end, being overwhelmed and frazzled, I am just wondering if the patient was really asessed properly. Thank you to everyone who answers.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    LVNs canNOT do assessments. At least, not in CA.
  4. by   htrn
    LPNs cannot do the assessment, but they can 'gather data' the RN uses to help her perform her assessment. LPNs charting is supposed to be cosigned by an RN - usually something along the lines of an end of shift note, "agree with all charting this shift" and signed by the charge nurse.
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    In California the Board of Registered nursing advises not to co-sign because the LVN has their own license and is responsible for their own documentation. Furtermore unless the RN and LVN were side by side when observing the patient the RN could not validate the observation of the LVN.
    In acute care each patient must be assigned to a registetred nurse at all times, including when the RN is off the unit.
  6. by   evans_c1
    I work in ohio and LVN's can do assessments...just not initial patients. of course LPN's don't work in our critical units but on general M/S units..yea they can do assessments...just not the first one (admit)
  7. by   tatgirl
    I am a LPN in a LTC here in Va. As an LPN I do initial assessment on new pts. We have paperwork to fill out, and we verify the orders with the Dr on call. Now I have a friend who is an LPN in a hospital, and they do not do the initial assessments on new patients.

  8. by   SCRN1
    Here, an RN is to do the initial assessment and LPNs can do assessments after that. However, each patient must be assigned to an RN at least one shift per 24 hours. LPNs can get the admission history though.