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  1. I just passed the nclex exam for lvn's in california. I currently make $8 an hour on my current job. How much per hour can i expect to make as a new lvn? It would help i.f you live in california so I have a general idea but if you don't live here that's ok...any help will do.
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  3. by   AprilRNhere
    New nurse wages vary so much by not only state, but area as well. Entry level pay is pretty set. WHen I was close to graduating...I called a few facilities and asked what they starting pay was for the position I'd be looking for. They easily provided the answers I needed. Remember different types of facilities will vary as well. Check hospitals, home health, and nursing homes-depending on where your interest lies.
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    as an LPN I've heard anywhere from $14-$16 in a hospital and $17-$20 in ALF/LTC.
  6. by   RNnewh
    If you are lucky, you could get $40,000 and $50,000. You can check out a salary website,, and just type in NURSE in the search string and you will find a few salary results.
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    I highly recommend for finding out your expected salary.
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    Agree, is another my favouriate, expecially the salary calculator, very useful.