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  1. Hello all! I haven't posted in a coon's age and here I am crawling back! I have been very busy. I have moved, separated from hubby and started a new job in NICU. My problem is is I am going nuts. The NICU offers a good orientation and all but I'm growing sick and tired of having someone either a- do it for me or b- telling me to do it their way even when they don't have a clear reason why that way is better. I spend 6 months on medicne and that is constantly being put down. When I ask how is it different then in adults- the answer is 'it is different'. My preceptor just walks in and does my care because she's bored and the next time is grilling me on physiology and patho when I have three babies that all need attention!! The educators say my nursing skills are excellent (which I am proud of, she said I act like I've been nursing for a few years and don't seem like a new grad, that's big compliment in my books) but I have an attitude problem. Which I do because I am a RN - abet a new one but I'm still an RN. I am not a student. If you tell me to do it that way instead of my way, I want to know why. Is it safer? Prevents contamination? To say that's the way I do it, is not acceptable to me. I give them my reasons for the way I do things but I still have to do it the preceptor's or educator's way. I don't want to make enemies. But I'm tired of this, I'm starting to dread going to work. I like this area. I don't mind being watched, I dodn't mind suggestions on how to improve but twll me the reason behind it!!! HELP!! Should I confront my preceptor? Should I live with it? How do I tell her to give me some breathing room? I don't know if this clear but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you again! Tara
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    I cannot relate to what you are going through - all of my preceptors, all of them, ALWAYS said, "Everyone has their own way of doing things...this is my way...yours may be different." For someone to tell you to do things THEIR way, without a legitimate reason, seems odd to me. If they have no reasoning behind it it could be they are not sure why they're doing it that way, either.
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    First of all, WELCOME!!! Premies are the greatest patients--they're cute, and they make smaller messes!!
    Second, premies and newborns are VERY different from adults!! They are even different from peds, and premies and newborns are different from each other-significantly! I came to NICU many years ago after experience on a surgical floor, CCU, CTICU--in other words, not too dumb!! But I realized after about a month that I had a hard time looking at a baby, and knowing something was wrong-that internal frame of reference I had had for adults! It took many months to develop this sixth sense, too. So your preceptor is right when s/he says "it's different"
    Hopefully, there is some didactic in your orientation. If not, and even if there is, get a good book on neonatology/neonatal nursing (I recommend Merenstein), and dig in; paint that sucker yellow, bring it to work, go over stuff with your preceptor; use the Neofax LOTS--they even have a web site; use the teaching materials @ the NANN website; start asking the preceptor questions!!
    I invite you to e-mail me personally; I've been a nurse for 32 years, and in neonatology for 20. I NEVER want to see another grown-up pt again!!
    Best Wishes!
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    neofax website:
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    COngratulations on your new job. How long is your orientation? If it is say 6-8 weeks, I would recommend just doing it the preceptors way, and avoiding a conflict there. you can switch back to your way as soon as you are done, or you might find their way easier. Some people are not good at explaining things, or they may just be stubborn. As long as their way doesn't seem to be dangerous (or make more contamination) why not try it? My preceptor slathered benzoin all over every pt to keep IV's (and anything else) in. Sometimes I do now, sometimes I don't, but for my first six weeks, you bet, I used the benzoin.
    As for the nurses looking down on medicine, well thats nursing. At every place that I have worked, the ED nurses looked down on everyone except critical care, OB nurses looked down on Postpartum nurses, Critical care nurses looked down at the floor nurses. It is a way to gain some sort of status- unfortunately it isn't a very good way. I do, however, believe strongly NICU and adults are different- which is why you won't find me working in a NICU!!! (YIKES) Congrats, sounds like an interesting new challenge.
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    Thank you to all of those who replied and your kind words! Things went further down hill but now seem to be going up. I have a new preceptor with loads of experience and a personality that is much more like mine. I'm still not sure this is the place for me. Most of all I miss the commardie I had with my fellow staff members who became my friends but am determined to stick it out for at least a year. I figure by that time I'll know for sure if this if for me or not. Again, thank you for replying.