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    Where I use to work, our floor was not certified for IVP so we would use a 50 ml IV bag with NS, inject the heparin into that and then run it over 15 mins, basically a push but not technically ! However if the floor you work is allowed to do IVP I...
  2. new job worries - need advice

    Thank you to all of those who replied and your kind words! Things went further down hill but now seem to be going up. I have a new preceptor with loads of experience and a personality that is much more like mine. I'm still not sure this is the pla...
  3. new job worries - need advice

    Hello all! I haven't posted in a coon's age and here I am crawling back! I have been very busy. I have moved, separated from hubby and started a new job in NICU. My problem is is I am going nuts. The NICU offers a good orientation and all but I...
  4. Hello all! It's been a long time since I've posted. This topic hits close to home for me. I graduated this spring and worked for 6 months on a heavy medical floor. I am currently being oriented in the NICU. I would recommend starting in general ...
  5. Amen space nurse! I can't see that I have had a shift quite as hairy as that but nevertheless, I have had hairy shifts! Nurses are to be the bottom line in med admin. but I agree with the above comments about some accountablity has to come to othe...
  6. I & O

    I think the key is consistenancy - don't think I spelt that right - among all staff. If only one person does it per pt, it gets confusing because you weren't there for all shifts!
  7. It's good to keep your enthusiam because there will be days when you won't feel it! I personally wouldn't choose any other career, on the other hand, when someone asks me about if they should go in nursing, I'm careful what I say. Nursing is someth...
  8. Need more information before I could even think of helping! Are you discussing this in general or a specific case? Let me know!
  9. ausculation

    My two cents or how I was taught to do it was taking the reading from when you first hear the sound until you can't hear it, regardless if the needle jumps or not. So that's how I do it.
  10. work hassles and team spirit

    Thank you to all the replies! I certainly have appericated them! To fill you all in... The evening staff that I worked with were outraged when they found out what had happened. I was told today after I left 3 of my co-workers that i work with r...
  11. work hassles and team spirit

    I have had once again, had a tough day at work... And would welcome and responses to this... I am a fairly new RN, graduated this April. I have been working on this floor for awhile.. everytime I turn around I find another incident report written ...
  12. hints and information about L&D

    I would like to thank everyone for their replies! I am going for an interview in NICU this week, one way or another I'll get my foot in the door! Thank you!
  13. bolus heparin i v

    Hollykate... I thought it was in terms of initating heparin therapy... plus I think it would be difficult to bolus from the gtt... at our hospital our heparin is 20,000u in 500 D5W... to me it would be easier and also less chance of med error to give...
  14. bolus heparin i v

    It depends where you work... if you are in critical care area, then IV push, if you're in med-surg like myself, where we are not covered to do any sort of IV push, we put it in a minibag and run it in fast, ie. 50 ml bag we'll bolus in 15 mins. So r...
  15. I have tried on numerous occassions to try this chat room and no one is ever home!! Any suggestions for when would be a good time?