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After reading so many threads here on about the hard times many new grads are having at getting jobs, I just wanted to share a few words of encouragement. My feelings go out to all... Read More

  1. by   dmcdaniels
    I'm with you, I gave up my career of 8 years to go to school to become a nurse. I graduated in Aug. 2008 and now look, I'm still unemployed and can't even get an interview. I have applied for several jobs at LTC facilities but no luck so far. When I've gone out in person I couldn't even get one facility to take my resume because they were not hiring, or not hiring LVNs. I too am afraid if I don't get a job soon I will lose my house. I have even applied for MA positons and have been told I'm over qulified. I may have to go back to a clerical position, but that could be hard to do with the economic situation right now.

    I would like to know where fancyme50 lives, maybe I'll have luck there. If you don't mind replying back. Thanks!

    Good Luck to all out of work nurses. We worked hard to get here try not to give up.
  2. by   what is going on LPN
    Awhhhh!! thank you- for you words of comfort - I'm going to pray for us and hopefully we will be bless soon

    are you in baltimore?
  3. by   dmcdaniels
    No! I live in Southern California. Thanks for your prayers I will pray to for both of us and all others who are out of work. We will be blessed, I'm sure of it. :redpinkhe It's just hard waiting for god's timing.
  4. by   what is going on LPN
    Amen , to that
  5. by   incogkneetoe
    I am simultaneously encouraged and petrified by these entries!

    I live in Seattle and am set to graduate in 2010. I keep hoping that the economy will open up by the time I am ready to be looking for a job, but I also want to be realistic about what the future holds.

    Many of these posts helped me remember that I probably won't land my dream job right away. On the other hand, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. At no point can I look back in my life at any job or experience I have had in the past and say, "Boy, that was a waste of time. I didn't learn anything there." Almost 100% of the time, each previous experience, no matter how inane it felt at the time, has proven to help me later on.

    One of my instructors told me a story about her first job as a new RN and how frustrated she was to be where she was, doing what she was. Years later, she saved a life (by then at her 'dream job') that she would not have been able to save had she not had that first frustrating job experience. I bet that person she helped save isn't disappointed that her first job was less than what she wanted!

    We will all end up exactly where we must in order to learn exactly what we must in order to serve the greatest number of people with the most exact and compassionate care.
    I continue to believe this, and I hope all my fellow new grads do, too.

    So, Future...BRING IT!
  6. by   A1neuharth
    I graduated from school last year (may 2008) and also had a hard time finding a job where I lived in western massachusetts. I put my resume on and ending up getting a job at a hospital in Tucson, AZ. Good luck finding your first job.
  7. by   fancyme50
    I live in augusta Ga
  8. by   mandirigma12
    Pass the board exam and never give-up.
  9. by   graduatenurse25
    Quote from Jvalrn
    Hello there,
    I just decided to join AllNurses today because I'm feeling a bit lost. I'm graduating May 6th, and having a very difficult time finding a job in a hospital (as is everyone else). I've sent out tons of applications, and haven't gotten back a single phone call. I would like to specialize in the ER, but am willing to begin anywhere. I live in CT and want to relocate. I'm willing to move pretty much anywhere, but I'm not sure where the biggest nursing shortage is. Has anyone heard of any places that still have shortages?

    I would appreciate any advice. :icon_roll

    Thanks for listening,
    ~ Jaime

    I feel you Jaime. I jut graduated May 8th with my BSN and have not been able to find anything. I do live in Bozeman, MT with my husband but am willing to relocate if we have to....because it is looking like we might. Bozeman has a great hospital here but there are so many new graduates looking to stay. I am trying to stay positive and focus on studying for the NCLEX! I just jointed ALLNurses today to start networking in hopes that I can land some type of job!

    I also would love advice.


  10. by   what is going on LPN
    hey, graduatenurse25

    I having a difficult time also but after 2 months I've landed a job - I have a interveiw tues. However from what I can see here in Baltimore,Maryland they are willing to hirer out of stater and give bonuses are you a LPN or a RN

    LPN - start off most times with $20-23 hr.

    Good Luck

    p.s look up nurses sign on bonuses and make sure you put maryland or baltimore, maryland
  11. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    no, i am a nursing student. my sister maked 32$ hr. she works in a nursing home, but of course that is without benifits, her husband works.
  12. by   what is going on LPN
    Good morning ,

    are you a student LPN/ or RN and your sis is making $32- is she a LPN because if she is I'm about to move where you all are. ASAP
  13. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    go to morgantown wv and there are two nursing homes that pay goog money, and they pay their LPN's good money. I have a niece who is a CNA and she makes great money, like 16$ hr