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hey guys! listen, i need to vent here real quick! i have been working on a med surg unit for a few months and i am working my butt off! i give 110% and it seems as if there is always someone who... Read More

  1. by   Dr. Kate
    And now you know why there is great wisdom in not retruning as a new RN to the unit/floor where you worked as a PCT/NA. If nothing else, at least change the shift you work.
  2. by   shavsha
    Every great once an a while I will get a note of appreciation or even a small gift. I keep all these notes and I have a little shelf where I keep my little tokens. It helps me remember that even though it is not often expressed I am a good nurse. As nurses we need to have extra long arms so we can pat OURSELVES on the back when we know we are giving good care. Hang in there
  3. by   KC CHICK
    Incognito, sorry to hear that you're first job in nursing has been so negative. Not all places are like that.

    Lioness, you paint a very bleak and disturbing picture because your impression of this behavior seems to be that this is a "normal" working environment. It's not normal and shouldn't be accepted as so.

    I have been positively encouraged on my floor since I transferred from surgery. The nurses here on tele are wonderful .....there is a great team atmosphere. I can ask anyone a question and get help from any nurse if they aren't busy at that time themselves. I haven't come across anyone that isn't willing to help a new 'team member' out. I've heard "You do a really good job" from at least 4 RNs that I work with. The CNAs are very encouraging also and make positive comments to the new RNs.

    I'm very sorry that not all places treat their new (and old) RNs with the respect that they deserve. There are other hospitals in my area that I've heard negative things about. My question to those nurses is..."Why don't you pack up the remainder of your self-respect and get the heck outta there?" In this city, there are numerous hospitals and other facilities in which to work. Why remain in an unpleasant environment if you don't have to? This may not be the case for Incognito or Lioness. I don't know if you guys have any other options in your area.

    Keep your chins up ladies!!
  4. by   Nurse Nikki
    I am sorry to hear that you feel like this at work...... I have been a nurse for 3months now and I feel your pain. But you can turn this "negative" vibe you are getting and make someone else's day. If you see a coworker that is doing something really great, then say so....tell them they are appreciated. My hospital is much the same way and I chanelled my hard feelings into making sure no one else feels the same. There are so many new nurses on my floor and all we need is confidence and a little pat on the back is not a hard thing to do for someone! Keep your head up and let me know if things get better!
  5. by   Polrbaer
    I hope I am making the right move I just started the next level up the food chain to obtain my RN I started as an EMT then obtained my LVN. I just hope I do not get cannibalized on my first day after Graduation.
  6. by   mark_LD_RN
    it is a shame but in manyplaces it is like that. nurses eating not only their young but any other nurse they can.Iamlucky enough to work in a place now that supports me.while there isthe occassionalone that ihave diffuculty with . it has sure been a great feeling to come to work every day and not have to fear being stabbed in the back