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Hello All, I am going to try to keep this short. I got my CNA license in January and my friend that works in hospice care had bragged all about how good of a person I am and how well I do at my... Read More

  1. by   nyteshade
    I agree with praying mantis and morte, I really don't think anything will become of the license thing. They bring up very good points, you didn't carry anything out, you reported it, issue is internally resolved. Most importantly like they said no harm was done. I kinda feel the doc should have made sure he was talking to somebody that was able to take his orders too! It looks a little foolish on his part not really verifying who they were shooting orders at...but that's a whole other thing right there!
  2. by   chicookie
    I would confront her. But that is my type of personality I would look her in the eyes and say,
    "you suck" LOL but seriously I wouldn't play the whole I don't want to make you mad game. Life is too short to be concerned with other people and their issues. During mediation I would let her know it too. I would say something along the lines of what I said before. "I am here to do a job and if you have problem with me you need to discuss it with me and not go around bad mouthing me." Show her that you won't stay quiet!
  3. by   mochabean
    I would change jobs and get rid of that so-called friend. Everyone you work with sounds like they're unhappy with their lives and are trying to get some satisfaction by being catty and putting you down. You have to stand up for yourself and not worry whether someone will like you or not. As long as you live you'll encounter someone who doesn't like you. Keep your head up and move on!
  4. by   squeakykitty
    I'm the type that would say "ENOUGH!!" with a 'certain' look in my eye.

    I just found out yesterday that the nursing home in my area is in trouble with the state for not having enough staff. I know exactly why they don't, and if they call me offering me a job, I'll tell all of them there a thing or two about teamwork in the next CNA staff meeting. Too many good people have quit the place.
  5. by   AOx1
    Since you work together, it's key to be a professional. One thing I've found works well is to not participate in any gossip myself. That includes listening to it.

    For example: "Wow, that Jane is such a witch, let me tell you about what she did!"
    Me: "That's not been my experience with Jane at all. You should discuss your feelings directly with Jane."

    People that tend to talk about others are often known for their ability to start problems. Stay far away from them. But don't ever attempt to argue with her. It's like that saying "Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty but the pig likes it." People who need to do this are like pigs. It makes them feel better to start drama. Distance yourself professionally and personally. Don't take their calls at all. If she seems to want an explanation, just let her know that your goals are different. She sounds as if she may have a bit of an alcohol problem if she does this when she drinks.

    Be a "broken record" if they try to lie. For example, if you go into the director's office and she tries to lie about you, don't argue, yell, or get visibly angry. Just repond with something neutral, like "Those statements are not correct. I would be happy to provide a description/documentation of what I do during a typical day, and how many patients I care for." As a CNA, you may be documenting many things, a.m. care and showers, feeding, etc.

    Don't rise to the bait. She will look like an idiot for trying to start fights, and the truth about these type of people has a funny way of coming out. There is a great Eleanor Roosevelt quote "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." Don't participate in any way in her games, and your boss will recognize that you are a professional. Let her "hang herself" so to speak, those types usually do.
  6. by   pattymac
    Sometimes it's ok to look people in the eye and say.. "you aren't good for me"
  7. by   MystyqueOne
    Thank you LivetoLearn! You all had excellent advice. The mediation went well. My boss had laid down some ground rules that we both had to sign. She also warned us that if anything like this comes up again, she won't get rid of just one of us, she'll get rid of both of us! So, now we're linked! We have known each other a couple of years prior to this job, so we have made a pact that from here on out, we ONLY speak to one another about one another and no one else! Thanks again to all of you!!!