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I know this is my first post on your forum, and I am a guest here. But I hopefully can get some answers to a problem that has seemed to plague me since I started practicing in medicine. I am hoping... Read More

  1. by   rn/writer
    As a moderator, I really dislike closing threads--respectful dissent can be thought provoking and energizing--but the atmosphere in this arena has degenerated beyond help.

    For the record, is open to anyone who chooses to come here so long as they behave themselves according to the Terms of Service. I hope it will always remain so. We can benefit from the perspective of those who receive our care, those considering going into nursing, and those who work with us in other capacities, so long as we don't fall into an adversarial mindset.

    Before someone accuses the OP of being adversarial, I can see where his initial post may have been taken that way, but he conducted himself graciously in subsequent posts, even when being challenged in a none-too-gentle manner. He supplied information that, while horrifying, is not without predecent. He kept his tone civil. And he stated a number of times that he has found a workplace that is blessedly free of the bullying and conflict he previously had to deal with. He also expressed his profound respect for the nurses he currently works with. This is not generally the behavior of a troll.

    While we're on the subject, publicly accusing someone of being a troll is not something that should be done lightly, if at all. If you really believe a poster is yanking everyone's chain, please report the post and ignore the suspected offender. The moderators take such behavior seriously and we don't hesitate to assess points or ban someone outright if we see sufficient evidence to do so. Feel free to call our attention to your suspicions (via PM or the report feature), but please leave any confrontations to staff.

    I had hoped that yesterday's post asking people to "play nice" would restore a civil tone to the conversation. That didn't happen so this thread is now closed.