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I applied for the 2009 NELRP. I did not expect to hear from HRSA until September (IF I received an award). However, I was contacted by HRSA yesterday (June 15, 2009). They asked me to obtain pay off... Read More

  1. by   oneLcrna
    I have not heard yet.....
  2. by   lcwiney
    I haven't head anything back yet. Just waiting. I am currently 2 months behind on my student loans trying to make sure they don't default and disqualify me. My loans cost me about 1200/month and I only make 2400/month before any other bills, mortgage, daycare, etc. I understand the person who commented earlier...I can't believe the situation that I am in. I just KNEW I would make more money and be more comfortable. In the area I live in.....nurses make on average 18.00/hr.....25.00/hr if you work nights...which I can't do because of my 2 small children...good luck to everyone!!!
  3. by   hataway94
    Still waiting here also!! Our friends that got it last year were all notified in September. Where is everyone from? From outside of Dallas, TX here!!!
  4. by   oneLcrna
    Erie, PA
  5. by   lcwiney
    Lake Charles, LA
  6. by   lseeley
    Wellsboro, PA.... Nothing on this end yet!

  7. by   ACCB
    I got a call from an NELRP representative on July 14th wanting to verify my residence, employment, and banking info. They also gave me a number to call if I need to report any changes in any of the above. Does anyone know if this is a good sign?
  8. by   lcwiney
    ACCB...did they also verify your loan payoff amount?
  9. by   rachel_51207
    I got an email on 6/10 asking to verify my payoff amounts and yesterday 7/16 I got a call to verify address, employment, banking info. They also said "Should you receive one of the awards, are you still interested and wanting to go under contract?" I said "yes" of course! Anyone know if this is a good sign? I am dying to find out and I am going to go crazy if I have to wait until the end of September! :uhoh21:
  10. by   lseeley
    Like you would say (with a smile on your face) "no sir, I have decided to turn down all those dollars so I can cont to be strapped from paycheck to paycheck."

    Can I ask what your % for debt/income is and what type of facility do you work at. Just wondering if I still have a chance basic on what they consider about those things. I recieved a call early in June for the payoff amounts and to date have not heard anything else. It is so stressful- can't the government make anything stress free in life..... Lisa
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  11. by   rachel_51207
    I just did the calculations...Drumroll please...this is really depressing. My debt to income ratio for BSN loans only = 232%. I pay about $1100 a month in student loans. I work at a Disproportionate Share Hospital in Anderson, IN. I am dying to know. I knew my percentage was up there, but goodness gracious. Good luck to everyone! Please put your updates on here so we can compare notes!
  12. by   ACCB
    I haven't got a call about my payoff amounts, just one verifying my residency, employment, and banking info. In the message, the lady said she was pleased to inform me that they were beginning the award phase, but when I called back they wouldn't verify that this meant I would be getting an award. They just gave me a number to call if I had any changes in my information before September. What I am wondering is does everyone get called or just those they are planning on awarding? I've been reading posts of past years and I think a phone call is a good sign but not all people who get awarded receive phone calls. My debt/income ratio is around 150% and I work at a disproportionate share hospital in Nashville, TN. If anyone has anymore insight, please share!
  13. by   oneLcrna
    Just received the call tonight to verify my info, etc. I asked about the notification time frame. She said those awarded will be notified in September and thos who are not will be notified in October. I was hoping she would say "next week"! LOL