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I applied for the 2009 NELRP. I did not expect to hear from HRSA until September (IF I received an award). However, I was contacted by HRSA yesterday (June 15, 2009). They asked me to obtain pay off... Read More

  1. by   gudiarani
    I'm hoping the email I got asking about Payoff amount was a good sign! My ratio is over 300%! Hopefully that means something for NELRP!

    I've been crossing my fingers for months!
  2. by   hataway94 is my 2 cents worth. Make sure you have an online account for every lender that you listed on your NELRP application. Last year when they contacted us, it was fine to send them payoff info via email. This year, the lady that called my husband, wanted hard copies faxed. Email payoff amounts were not sufficient. It may totally depend on the rep that contacts you, but be prepared in advance just in case you get contacted by the lady that called us. Good Luck Everyone!!!!!
  3. by   oneLcrna
    Same here, hataway. My rep wanted hard copies faxed. Of course, it was only for the loans at one of my loan servicers (she got all the info she needed from the others), but an online account is priceless in this situation.
  4. by   hataway94

    I am so nervous about getting our hopes up. It is so nice to blog back and forth with others who understand what you are going through. We never joined the threads last year, just read daily what people had to say. Where are you located? We are in Denton, TX (just north of Dallas).
  5. by   oneLcrna
    It is nice to communicate about this. We are in Erie, PA.

    It will be nice to hear what we are all going through so we can get an idea of our chances and have an idea about the steps along the way....
  6. by   lseeley
    Hello, I am also hoping that a contact early is a good sign. The lady that contacted me ask for my payoff amounts sent via fax only. (are they asking for anything else yet). When asked if this was a good sign- she repeated a few times, this is not a promise that you are in the program. She provided little information or hinting. I am also very nervous about this. Hopefully, with the extra money that the goverment set aside we will all be accepted in the program. If anyone who has been awarded in the past and has any helpful information that would be great. (ie: when were you contacted, debt/income ratio, etc.) Thanks for listening and I wish you all the best of luck. If anyone hears anything keep us in the loop. Lisa
  7. by   hataway94
    Lisa, The people that I talked to last year that got accepted were contacted early summer. We were contacted last August, but funding wasn't available by then. The lady told my husband (this time) that is it a good sign to be contacted early, but of course, wouldn't give any promises. She did say that he is higher on the chain this time as compared to last year. Monitor your credit report also. Last year, the ones approved (even those not funded) had their credit report pulled. Wishing you lots of luck!! Keep us all posted!

    Anyone else with updates???

    Andrea (Denton, TX)
  8. by   lseeley
    Thanks for the information. If you hear anything else let me know and I will do the same. The waiting and suspense, is enough to give anyone gray hair (lol).... Lisa
  9. by   lcwiney
    Hey Michelle, I received a voicemail and email from a HRSA representative yesterday requesting my pay off amounts. I am really hoping that this is good news. I mean...I sent them my loan balances in the application so I figure this is a good thing for me that they are actually taking the time with my application to verify them...My loans are $119,000!! and payments ranging at about 1200.00/month..(depending on the interest rate).I only make $2400.00/month! Can you believe that kind of salary for an RN??

    Good Luck!!
  10. by   oneLcrna
    Cheryl, I hope this is good news for all of us. My school loan payments are close to $2000 per month. I cannot believe the amount of loans I have incurred getting my BSN, then my MSN/CRNA. Seems like I had more money working the ICU as an RN!

    Let's all keep each other posted with any "happening"...I pray we all receive this.

  11. by   kt6onc
    Hi All! I too was contacted via email today, do they typically call?... Hoping its a good sign! I owe $84k, so this would certainly help!!! -k
  12. by   shoegalRN
    I am saddened. I checked the NELRP website to see what the qualifications are in order to be considered for loan repayment and I am disqualified. Basically, thanks to no jobs being available for new grads in my area, I am 2 months behind on my house payment, which is FHA. And you can't have ever defaulted on a government loan. I've never been late in all 10 years of having an FHA loan, it's only due to my savings running out in May, and thinking I'll have a RN job lined up after nursing school. This also puts me off the list of working for the VA.

    I am really discouraged.
  13. by   gudiarani
    Anyone hear yet??