NELRP 2009 - page 14

I applied for the 2009 NELRP. I did not expect to hear from HRSA until September (IF I received an award). However, I was contacted by HRSA yesterday (June 15, 2009). They asked me to obtain pay off... Read More

  1. by   hataway94
    gudiarani~~~i finally found what onelcrna was talking about. i went back to our original paperwork from when we submitted our initial application. here is what i found. i went back to their website so it was easier to locate. it is 30 days after the effective date of the contract. if yours is like mine, the contract date was 8/31/09 so hopefully everyone will have payment by the end of the month.

    applicant information bulletin: method of payment
    the hhs disburses each monthly payment through an electronic funds transfer to the participant's checking or savings account identified on the banking information submitted through bcrsis by the applicant. the first direct deposit is made approximately 30 days after the effective date of the contract. participants are required to use the nelrp payments (the amounts received by the participant after federal tax withholding) to pay the lenders or holders of their qualifying nursing education loans, as indicated on a payment authorization worksheet that will be provided to participants with their award notice. periodically, the nelrp will contact a participant's lenders or holders to verify that payments have been made. please note that, unlike some other federal programs, the nelrp does not provide any tax assistance payments.
  2. by   TransplantRN3

    i just checked my paper award (i didn't get a PDF version.. i got the contract in PDF version, but the actual award letter was mailed to me)... if you check on page 3 at the bottom, the following is written in bold type: "*The first direct deposit will be made approximately 30 days after the start date of this contract." Hope this helps! Good luck everyone!
  3. by   rachel_51207
    I got my first deposit today! Wahoo! I got my award letter on August 22nd
  4. by   kt6onc
    I got my deposit today, and the contract was signed by them 8/31
  5. by   gudiarani
    Got my deposit today! Does anyone know if we are allowed to put the money towards a specific loan, or do we have to split it between all the loans we had on the application? And do we need to send them anything like a receipt for the payments?
  6. by   hataway94
    Payment received today also!! Yea!!

    Double checked and we can send payment to any/all of the loans on your application as long as the full amount is used. They said to keep copies of all payments in case you are "audited" and asked to supply them with proof of loan payment.

    I was thrilled to make the payments today especially since it wasn't with my money!! haha
  7. by   oneLcrna
    Deposited! Woo-hoo!
  8. by   pvnurse1
    Does anyone have any idea what bank the funds are coming through? I got a weird bank verification from a Metabank and I am assuming its NELRP. Any info?

  9. by   nurse_chris
    When I got an email it only had the verification of acceptance form to fill out and fax in, there was no contract for me to sign. Is this bad? I got that email on August 25th and I have not gotten a letter yet, I'm getting really discouraged... I think I'm starting to overanalyze everything. I am so glad to have found this forum so know I'm not the only one going crazy!
  10. by   nursebreeze
    Nurse chris,

    I got the same email on 8/25/09, it was titled verification, but when you signed it you stated whether you still interested/accepted the contract from 09-11. I have not heard anything else since I faxed mine back on the 26th either, but from what I am reading here the letters and awards are coming in cycles. Hopefully we will be the next cycle to get our letter. Me and the mailman are on a first name basis now...ha ha Good luck!
  11. by   Mtqu05
    Nurse Chris--- my wife is in the same boat----We recived the same email on the 25th and now i'm going crazy waiting! everyday i gety home from work i wait for my wife to surprise me with the luck yet! I really hope it happens soon.

    Praying for you all
  12. by   nurse_chris
    No letter today... but I did get desperate for any positive sign and check my credit score- it looks like HRSA made a credit inquiry in July so I'm going to take that as a good sign. Good luck everyone!
  13. by   nursebreeze
    Which Credit burea??