NELRP 2009 - page 12

I applied for the 2009 NELRP. I did not expect to hear from HRSA until September (IF I received an award). However, I was contacted by HRSA yesterday (June 15, 2009). They asked me to obtain pay off... Read More

  1. by   TransplantRN3
    thank you! don't give up hope-- we all know how unpredictable the awards are and they seem to go out in waves over the month! i'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone!
  2. by   oneLcrna
    I GOT THE LETTER TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, God.

    Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   hataway94
    YIPPEE!! :wink2: YIPPEE!! :wink2: YIPPEE!! Our letter came today also!!!

    PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Good luck to everyone!! Please keep us all posted!!
  4. by   givingheart
    Congrats to all!!!! I'm still waiting!!!!!
  5. by   kt6onc
    worked a 12 hr over night shift, stalked the mail man all morning, GOT MY LETTER!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  6. by   givingheart
    I woke up after night shift to a letter too!!! I am so happy!!!! Man do they take out a lot of taxes!!!!!
  7. by   nursebreeze
    Im so jealous yet so happy for all of you!!!! Still waiting here and of course stalking the mail man every single day!
  8. by   traumaNP
    I got a letter today too!!! Uncle Sam does take a big chunk, but I'm so happy that he can have it! Best of luck to those of you still waiting, fingers crossed for you all!!!
  9. by   lcwiney
    Anyone (who received award letters) know when we should get the first payment deposited into our accounts?
  10. by   oneLcrna
    The letter states the money will be deposited within 30 days of the contract signing. Mine was signed August 31st.
  11. by   prinzessdy
    Got my award letter today too! Thank God! and congrats to all those who has gotten their letter. This is my 2nd year applying. My facility was on the top 100 list too
  12. by   kbuchy
    I'm so frustrated..I've been checking my email everyday but still have not received a contract email? I got an email to fax my loan pay off amounts on July 27th, but since have received nothing. Do you still think they are sending out contract emails??...or should I just give up now? It seems to me that you need to receive a contract email in order to get an award? I was thinking that maybe they would do another wave of contract emails, but I have not received anything. When I called the main HRSA number, I asked if you have to receive a contract email in order to receive an award and she said there is no procedure that says you do. But it seems to me that everyone who received a contract email, received an award?? Anyone have any information or insight? Thanks
  13. by   hataway94
    We received our contract on 8/6 and received the award letter last Thursday. A coworker received the contract last week, so they are still going out. Don't fret yet!!! You have until the end of this month to be notified. Best Wishes being sent your way!!!