Need some creative Halloween costume ideas..... Help!!!!!

  1. Hey Everyone..... Would like to know if your hospital or facility celebrate Halloween. I was informed that everyone dresses up in costume for halloween and decorates each unit with halloween decorations in hopes of winning the coveted "best haunt" trophy... I was also told we win prizes and stuff for participation and etc.... Soooooooo, I was wondering if any one else has fun at their work place and does this sort of thing..... I figure since I work at a State Pysch Hospital on the forensic unit, I would pick a Pyschiatric Diagnosis like "Bipolar .... Manic phase".... like wear really really bright clothing, super big & round earrings, bright make up, kinda like MIMI on the Drew Carey Show, and just have fun with it.....I would not tell the Pts, they would just prolly assume I am trying to be some ones grandma, or maybe wear a traditional Nursing uniform starch whites and a cap.... what do you all think????? any ideas???? my ideas really suck.... I need your help ........ please??????
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  3. by   GPatty
    I kind of like the nurses uniform idea... only with makeup to make you look terribly "white" and a huge red scar on your neck where your throat has been sliced and a couple of drops of "blood" coming out of your mouth...
    Of course, your pts would probably be scared since you work in a psych hospital...wouldn't they?
    I wish you luck in your "haunting"~I do not celebrate halloween... my family and I choose to celebrate the coming of Fall... the Harvest.
  4. by   Thunderkat
    Julie thanks for your suggestion, I am going to try to away from violent or traumatic themes since my pt are criminally insane and are ajudicated "not guilty ... by reason of insanity" So I am trying to think of a costume that would be humourous to my co workers, yet not "over the top" in consideration of my pts. I have never celebrated halloween as in wear a costume since I was a I am hopeless. LOL
  5. by   kittykorat
    hmm .. the constraints of your department certainly limit you. I love halloween, but as I am still in the "wanna be" stage (I'll be starting nursing school next fall) I'm not sure what you could get away with wearing to work... If you have to wear scrubs how creative can you get? There's always the classic- wear black and a witch hat... or pink and a princess hat or tiara- the tiara would be cute. .. white scrub dress- add a gold collar, and a black wig and some dark eye make-up- cleopatra! I don't know if that's any help. Good luck.

  6. by   aimeee
    I did a Super-Nurse costume one year that was pretty comfortable to wear and easy and cheap to put together. Long sleeved blue t-shirt and blue tights with red gym shorts over the top. Made a Superman logo from felt and pinned it onto the t-shirt. I had a red graduation gown that I folded into a cape, but you could just as easily use a large piece of red fabric pinned to your back. For boots I just made some red felt "sleeves" I pulled over my legs. Everybody loved it and had a good laugh.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Dressed as Suzzy Snowflake one year. Had a knit sweater with snowflakes on it. Took a hard plastic snowflake decoration and attached it to a hairband. Painted silver glitter snowflakes on my cheek. Simple, easy and cheep.

    Dress as a Patch Adams type clown with gigantic bowtie???

    Dress red, white, blue like flag???

    President wig and hair?

    Bobbie soxer with felt poodle on skirt?

    Elvis impersinator?

    Halloween my time of year!
  8. by   Thunderkat
    I have been reading everyone's suggestions.... i loved the super nurse idea.... too funny everyone's ideas are great. thanks for the help!!!!
  9. by   debbyed
    How about the nurses outfit from "High Anxiety"?
  10. by   bhart
    I went as a Q-Tip last year. Wore baby blue scrubs, pasted cotton balls to a pair of cheap white tennies, wore a white fluffy wig and painted my face, arms and hands white.