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I am at my wit's end with an itchy facial rash for several weeks. I've stopped all cosmetics, creams, soaps,(no new products ) and am gently cleansing with water only now. It started as several... Read More

  1. by   fedupnurse
    You might want to rethink that surgery if your immune system is working OT. Think about checking with your surgeon.
    Take care and feel better!
  2. by   disher
    Mattsmom, Did your GP refer you to a dermatologist? Kenolog and Allegra will help with the symptoms, but you also need to know the
    source,it could be any number of things causing the rash. Aside from meds or stress it could also be from your pillow.. or laundry detergent (on the washcloth).. the list can go on and on the only way to know is to have a patch test. Hope you get it figured out soon, I know how it is to have be either wired & tired from antihistimine or itchy from a rash. I am including a couple of good dermatology websites, one includes pictures of many different types of dermatitis so you can see if anything resembles your rash
    The other has info on patch tests
    Hope this info helps.
  3. by   Dave the Great
    <b>The cure to removing poison ivy from your body!</b>
    I'm not sure about bleach, but I know that I wouldn't want it near my eyes...
    The Key to not breaking out with poison ivy is to get the urushoil off of you ASAP. DO NOT USE HOT WATER.
    The irritant in poison ivy is urushoil. It is a <b>sticky oil</b>.
    If you come into contact with it, it will cause problems until it is removed from your skin and anything that comes in contact with your skin. There are several products sold just for this.
    <br>I'm very allergic to urushoil and have tried many. The best and most readily available is the same soap that your mechanic uses to remove motor oil from their hands.
    Because urushoil is a sticky oil it does require a little more scrubbing but it works 100%.
    <br>Directions for removal:
    <br>1.Apply the soap dry <b>(DO NOT ADD WATER)</b> to the affected area.
    <br>2. Scrub for 2 minutes. The soap needs to get between the urushiol and your skin. It will temporily break down the oils ability to stick.
    <br>3. Wash off completely with <b>COLD</b> water. If you use hot water, then you may be in for an unpleasant surprise!
    <br>Note: The residue soap will now contain the urushoil, and when the residue drys it may become sticky oil again.
    <br>4. All itchiness should be gone. If not repeat the process.
    <br>I like Lava and JoJo brands the best. The grittier the better.
    <br>Walmart, KMart, Your local auto parts store will all carry this soap. I usually buy the 16 oz squeeze bottles for around ~$2.
    <br>This soap also gets the urushiol and many stains out of clothes. Just be sure to hose the residue off the clothes before adding them to your laundry.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    This thread was created in May of 2002, so it is over 6 years old. Since the member who originally created the thread has not visited these forums in a very long time, I can conjecture that she is no longer seeking opinions, advice, and support regarding this issue.

    Thanks to everyone who has thoughtfully contributed.