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  1. Hello all
    I am a nurse in an ADN program in Alabama. I had no problems with school until now and I can't make the score I need for HESI so I can take my boards. I feel like I have studied everything and even taken a "help course". Still not doing well. Any advice is much appreciated. Didn't know if anyone can tell me about Qbank from Kaplan and whether it helped.
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  3. by   Riseupandnurse
    To pass the HESI: Make sure you know your labs and math calculations. When you see a question, cover up the answers and don't look at them until you have tried to answer the question, "What's wrong with this patient (or could be the most serious thing wrong with the patient)"? If your patient is a diabetic, for instance, review what you know about diabetes BEFORE you look at the answer choices. Every word counts. If you're told the patient had surgery two days ago, that's important. Use logic; they are not trying to trick you; it's just all about logic. Go with Maslow. The questions are not actually that bad if you just use your head.
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    Not entirely what I would suggest: You may see a problem in the question...and go "oh, mr x has cardiac issues...must be low K...."then potassium isn't a choice. Now what?
    My suggestion would be to get the saunders book and do about 5-600 questions. Read the question, restate it, and then figure out if you need more information or if you need to do something...(assess vs. implement). Then, from there figure out what makes sense....if you need to assess and there's only one assessment and it makes sense...then pick that. What score do you need on the HESI?
  5. by   malenurse122879
    Um.. here's what I did.. I used the HESI neclex RN review book.. took practices comprehensive tests from their CD and I made a 96 in Med Surg I and a 90% HESI score on our comprehensive final?
  6. by   RazorbackRN
    I ordered the HESI review guide and CD from the HESI website. I studied these along with Saunders NCLEX for several weeks before the test. I made a 1013 on the exit HESI.

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