need help with injections

  1. I have a question about IM injections:
    What is the total amount of cc's that can be given in a single IM shot? are there any references to support that amount?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i was taught to never give more than 5cc into the gluteus muscle. i'm looking at my references here at home and i'm not finding anything on this.

    you might have better luck if you post your question on the nursing student assistance forum or the general nursing student discussion forum since one or more of the students might have a specific written resource to refer you to. - nursing student assistance forums - the general nursing student discussion forum
  4. by   fultzymom
    Deltoid muscle limit is 1 cc. For all the other sites, the limit is 3 cc. Anything over that amount must be given in two injections. Supporting information I am not sure about because this is what we were taught in school. But this is also our facility policy as well.

  5. by   Antikigirl
    I just remember 1-2 ml and I usually pick ventral glute, and typically that is all I have to give at one shot...pun intended.

    Many people fear the vent glute..but I really learned well how to do these, and it just takes practice really...and using your hand on the hip to mark your spot! Take your hand and fan it...using the thump on the front hip where you feel the point....then I personally just fan my fingers wide, but they say to feel the furthermost back of the pelvic rami...but my hands are small! LOL! Then I go for the spot between the middle finger and the index finger if I feel it is meaty enough, or even middle finger and fourth finger (have to adjust for elderly or kids sometimes). I hit the mark just above my webbing!

    So far so wonderful...I have been a nurse almost 8 years now and have yet to have someone say ouch!!!!! it is amazing! I also judge the length of my needle well so I don't hit bone (which for thin folks you must really watch!).

    If I do deltoid, I do a somewhat shorter dart in the center of the muscle...the muscle is close to the skin, so no need to go too far and hit bone! And, the vascular system is great the more superficial you this works. Also takes practice...

    Good luck, and remember to guage your cc's dependant on the muscle available too...if you have some little old lady with hardly any to divide a 2cc into 1 cc X 2 shots really....comes with practice and clinical thinking...
  6. by   grandee3
    I always thought it is 3cc larger muscles and 1cc in deltoid.
    Im glad you brought this up. We had a discussion the other night about IM Inj to abdomen. One of my fellow workers said that she remembers this from nursing school. I don't remember if the abd is an Im site. I checked a few books and can't find anything to support what this nurse is saying.
  7. by   gitterbug
    1cc to the arm. No more than 3 cc hip muscle. I will give divide the 3 cc and give 2 injections if patient is too thin and has little to no muscle mass.
    Don't like to give more than .5 cc subq to abdomen but depends on medication and abdomen muscle condition.
  8. by   classicdame
    I assume you refer to adult patients. 1 ml is max for kids and then there are special places to inject or avoid. Also, if your patient is a little bitty skinny old person I would be wary about 5cc.