Need Help Memorizing Heart Sounds?

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    This is the first in a series of Heart Sound videos to help you learn basic heart anatomy, blood flow through the heart, and how to remember the names for the valves by using memory tricks and mnemonics.

    Need Help Memorizing Heart Sounds?

    When I was in nursing school, I found that the best way to memorize the vast amount of information I was expected to know was through memory tricks, mnemonics, and a good understanding of physiology. As I studied for various nursing school exams, I compiled a repertoire of memory tricks and mnemonic devices to make sense of and remember the seemingly arbitrary names for AV valves, the pattern of blood flow through the heart, and where to listen for different murmurs.

    In an effort to ease the lives of nursing students and nurses who are studying for certification exams or just to be better nurses, I created a YouTube channel called "Nursing Study Hacks," where I share many of my memory tricks and mnemonic devices. In the first video of my "Heart Sounds" series, I talk about basic heart anatomy, blood flow through the heart, and how to remember the names for the valves.

    In the rest of the series (coming soon), I will talk about S1, S2, S3, and S4, which parts of the stethoscope to use for different heart sounds, and where to listen on the chest for different valves or murmurs. But, most importantly, I will give you helpful study hacks and memory tricks so that after you watch these videos, you will know the content, do well on your next exam, and feel confident in practice.

    Need help memorizing heart sounds?
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  3. by   spotangel
    Love it!
  4. by   greenerpastures
    I learned it as "right" = RAT right atrium tricuspid, and "left"=LAMB left atrium mitral/bicuspid. "right" goes to respiratory, and "left" goes to limbs
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  5. by   Lauren RN
    I love the Right for Respiratory and Left for Limbs!
  6. by   michaelg510
    Thanks Lauren!
  7. by   soutthpaw
    Thinklabs, who make the ONE stethoscope i own, have a good series of heart and lung sounds that were recorded with the stethoscope. The stethoscope itself does allow you to make your own recordings as does the EKO unit that I got recently.
    - YouTube
  8. by   Lauren RN
    Those are way cool! Thanks!
  9. by   offlabel
    You meant to say R and L sternal border, 2nd IS for the Ao and Pulm valves, correct? the MCL's are further away from those valves.
  10. by   Lauren RN
    Yes, thank you for catching that!