Need help finding a Job!!!

  1. Could someone direct me to some websites to help me find employment. I just passed my nursing boards and was looking for sites that might have job listings as a whole instead of having to individually look. I have been using google and it just isnt helping. Thanks alot everyone

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    Also try
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    Plus, if you already know the city you want to work in, keep in mind that many hospitals do not advertise entry-level nurse jobs. I had the best luck just going to each hospital's website, where they do have entry jobs listed.

    Good luck with the search!
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    Put your resume on I put mine on for only 1 day and got HUNDREDS of responses. I had to take it down after one day.
  7. by   Lacie I got some good responses from there.
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    Thanks alot for all the help everyone, I want to move to Portland, OR, but i dont know much about the hospitals out there so I applied to one and they said they only hire 15 out of 250 applicants, they got me a little discouraged since i want to work so bad. Does anyone know anything about any of the hospitals in Portland? I could use a little insight if anyone has any information for me. Thanks again and it feels good to be licensed!!
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    I had the same problem when I graduated - hospitals not hiring 'new grads.' If you really want to move to portland, and that is your first priority, try LTC's (nursing homes)- that is where I started out at and it is easier to get a job in them, it seems. Not that I exactly liked working there, but it was a job. If you are open to going anywhere, just to get hospital experience, just start calling them and ask them if they are hiring new grads - or what there process is for getting hired as such.

    I know it sucks, I also live in a community where there isnt much of a 'shortage' and had to settle for what job I could get, not the job I really wanted. I know I could go other places and it would be easier to get a job in a specialty area - but I stayed where I am for family reasons.

    I guess it just depends on what your priorities are.

    P.s. I have heard other places that it is hard to get 'new grad' jobs in Portland.
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    can you go in person - that's how I was hired during hiring freeze times (at either LTC or rehab)
    some places will take you on casual, then later offer you full-time once they see how you work
    or get work through the agencies - that way you can try assignments in various facilities before you decide to apply for any particular job
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    I, also, heard that Portland is not experiencing a shortage. Good luck Dan...I want to get to the Pacific NW as well. I will begin to hear from schools around June that I applied to up there. hope hope
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    It's not Portland

    it is Prairie North Health Region now recruiting

    I went to a career fair today and their representative explained their needs for RN/RPN/LPN/Nurse Practitioner/Ultrasound/Psychologists/Pharmacist - etc

    It looks like (in their Prairie North News letter) they are offering a maximum $2,500 for relocation expenses with receipts, a one-year return-for-service commitment is required).
    A recruitment incentive of $2,500 is availbe for individuals coming to PNHR to fill a hard-to-recruit position (RN/RPN/LPN, etc).
    A $5,000 relocation grant is available for individuals outside the province who come to work in rural Saskatchewan - a one-year return-for-service commitmetn is required. Individuals from outside Sask. who accept a position in rural regions including Prairie North are eligible for $5,000 (one year return-for-service) or $10,000 (two-year return-for-service).

    New PNHR employees who move from Regina or Saskatoon to Prairie North to establish residency are eligible for a "reside" grant of $5,000 with a one year return-for-service commitment, or $10,000 (two-year return-for-service).
    New Clinical Nurse Educator positions are being established at PNHR's two regional hospitals to support new graduate nurses, and provide continuing nursing education to existing staff.

    I'm just sharing some information after speaking with the Representative Workforce Coordinator at the career fair this afternoon - she's said they need staff in many areas.
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    Try Good luck.
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    Monster. com will have so many people contacting you , you will stop answering the phone. Be careful. It gets annoying after awhile. It depends on your state. Try the local government sites too. They usually have alot of needs.