Need Careplans for italian students

  1. Hi! i'm an Italian nurse and i am trying careplans (English language) for free publications on my website. All the customers (nurses students) can see them free.
    Can you help me? (there is a page for upload....)
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  3. by   P_RN
    La pubblicit non permessa su questa tribuna .
  4. by   alessandro.piaggesi
    non pubblicit! Sarei lieto di fare un paragone tra i piani di assistenza italiani e quelli di altri colleghi. In Italia gli infermieri sono molto meno preparati di quelli Americani ed il loro "mansionario" molto limitato.
    Grazie comunque.
  5. by   P_RN
    Dubito di che ci saranno molte risposte perch il Web page in italiano, ma GIUSTO se questa non pubblicit.
  6. by   parker in arkie
    Wish i spoke italian!
  7. by   alessandro.piaggesi
  8. by   cindyln
    Wait a minute! what was just said?? I totally think that is rude when people speak a foreign language around you,leaving you completely out.
  9. by   alessandro.piaggesi
    forgive me cindy!(and my english.. :imbar)
    I'am an Italian nurse and i like to know how American, English......nurses works. I'd like to have some careplans to publicate on my site. It's not for money!! It's for Italian nurses students. Bye! :kiss
  10. by   P_RN
    I said advertising on this forum is not allowed and she said she is not advertising just collecting care plans because American nurses are farther ahead in this realm than Italian nurses. The whole web site is in Italian, so I said that she may not get a lot of replies.
  11. by   cindyln
    thanks very much both of you.
  12. by   lee1
    If you type in Nusing Care Plans under the google search engine, several sites come up----these are put a few. Also you will need to translate them very carefully. When I use a translating tool, for example under Alta Vista there is:

    This site translates words but not necessarily in today's meaning I have found--- I always have to read carefully and edit when using it to write to my family in Rome.

    Other sites include:

    I have always wanted to know what kind of salaries exist in Italy for nurses especially as I know the cost of living seems higher than here especially in Rome.
    What kind of yearly salary do you get? What kind of benefits besides the usual socialized ones?
    When you say the nurses are less prepared in Italy than America what do you mean?? What is your educational preparation?? Is it university --like our BSN, or technical--like our diploma? What is your licensure system like?? Does everyone take the same license exam regardless of educational preparation like here?

    I did work in Rome as a nurse but many years ago and it was only for small periods of time----a school nurse for an American company sending high school and Univ. students for the summer. and at the Salvatore Mundi International Hospital in Rome. Pay then was terrible----don't know how anyone could have lived on those salaries.
  13. by   Mkue
    Lei sono in italia adesso? Se cos dove lei sono localizzati? I ringraziamenti.

  14. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by mkue
    Lei sono in italia adesso? Se cos_ove lei sono localizzati? I ringraziamenti.

    Cool, I didn't know Allnurses was in Italy, either!