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I have wanted a puppy for 6 years but my landlord wont let me. In May, I will be graduating, and will be moving to a "pet friendly" condo/townhouse complex. So, I am trying to research and find a... Read More

  1. by   BrandyBSN
    A HAIRLESS CAT??? I gotta look that up! Do they look like rats?
  2. by   Ortho_RN
    Go to this website and check out the pics
  3. by   BrandyBSN
    I checked on the Cornish Rex and the Sphynx. It seems that there has not be a lot of good results with allergy research. Only 10% of people with a cat allergy have had a decreased reaction to a hairless cat. Thats sad, and I know that a cat would be much easier than a dog. Thanks for the idea though!

  4. by   Furball
    I know you are looking for a small breed dog...but check out the larger breeds. They're easier to house break than little dogs, don't bark as much, aren't afraid of anything so they're less likely to bite and are lower energy. (in general, there are exceptions. My saint bernard jumps up and down with all 4's off the ground when he gets excited, yikes!)

    Good luck with the pet you choose!
  5. by   JennieBSN
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  6. by   Lausana
    I grew up with Pomeranians, they're little (last one was giant at 10lbs!) Very sweet faces and very cuddly, but ours weren't real good with kids, family was fine, but other kids always wanted to pick them up since they were little, etc. Have very distinct personalities. Also, my sister had bad allergies also, so my mom would have the Poms shaved a couple times a yr (accept in winter of course!) and it completely stopped the shedding. Plus, it was hilarious to see them run around in the summer right after getting rid of all that hair!

    Schnauzers (sp?) are another good small dog, they come in different sizes, my grandparents have had 4 minatures over the years & I fell in love with them all, they live in a condo & Maddie doesn't really bark, and has trained really well without going to dog school. But she's still under 2 and demands lots of walking every day. She stays in a cage while they are at work & now she really loves her cage it is like her safe haven when she wants to ignore us and sleep!

    This is starting to really make me miss pets, I'm only allowed fish or birds where I live!
  7. by   tyger9966
    If you are looking for a dog that would be a great companion, you should try the kind I have, a Boston Terrier. They are very lovable and sweet and love to play and love to learn. My dog Tiger is so smart! He knows which toy to get when I tell him (ball, rope, etc.) and he loves to sleep with us and cuddle. On the other hand, he can be very hyper. I think this is a trait of his parents, though, not all Boston Terriers are as hyper as him. My father-in-law also has one and he is the most well-behaved dog you will ever see. And they are so CUTE!!!
  8. by   tyger9966
    I forgot something else, they are incredibly easy to housebreak. My dog absolutely will not go in the house and especially not in his cage, he will hold it all day long!! It's so funny because as soon as I get home and let him out of his cage he runs to the door and starts spazzing out when I get his leash out!!
  9. by   fiestynurse
    I have a poodle/shitzu mix, named Monty. He is the most adorable dog in the world. He is my baby boy! He's a small dog that has retained that cute puppy look and he is great with the kids. He also gets along great with the cats. Although sometimes he gets a little confused and tries to get amorous with them.
  10. by   pkmom
    I read that birds dont like to be pet, but that's not true. I had a nandy conure and he loved to be pet. He's happy to just sit on your shoulder and poop while you cook, eat, watch tv, whatever. His only problem with chores was laundry, he thought it all needed to be nesting material. You can teach them to talk and I even found a website where someone potty trained hers! They have sharp beaks and the nandays are really loud. My hubby has thought about getting me a sun conure some day. they are much quieter! I love cats, I like small dogs, but I really loved my little parrot.
  11. by   moz
    We have a couple Jack Russell terriers (like Eddie on Frazier), named Tarzan and Jane. They are high energy, the male more so than Jane. We both work so we didn't spend enough time trying to get them housebroken. But, we found a stray full grown chocolate lab, and I have to agree with previous posts that big dogs may be easier to housebreak. She came to us housebroken, is excellent with our many kids, and gentle. Good luck to you, I hope you find just the right dog.
  12. by   hoolahan
    ONe of my home health clients has an adorable parakeet, he even came onto my hand and never met me before, but that is my extent of bird knowledge.

    Here is an idea. How about a teddy bear hamster? They are small, sweet, they can go for a day or two with the same water in their bottle and a bowl of food. You can spoil them (I spoil my little girl with almonds, her favorite, and bluberry yogurt drops, she gopes nuts over them!( YOu can have a habitrail, cool stuff in their cages. And you can but those little balls they run around in on the ground, so they really can be part of the family. If you want to stay for a double, no problem!!

    If you seriously consider the hamster, even tho the habitrail plastiuc cages are cute, I have had several hamsters chew right thru the plastic. I finally found a large wire cage that works well for Brad, but I was worried about drafts, so I use a pretty towel around the most part of her cage. I get a kick out of buying her little toys and hideholes for her cage.

    If you want a dog, I agree the shitzus are very good lap dogs. I have a sheltie, she is a mid-size dog, looks like a mini collie. She is the most intelligent dog I have ever had. It takeas a ood 14 weeks oir so for their bladders to mature and be able to be potty trained. Puppies, no matter what breed, will always be activbe and need lots of play, and attention.

    Think about the hamster. Very sweet, very low maintenance.
  13. by   TracyB,RN
    The cat allergy thing, is usually caused by a chemical in the saliva of the cat. If I remember correctly, it is called "Fel D One."
    As for dogs, I LOVE boxers. They usually adapt very well to different size homes, GREAT with kids, but can become quite large, up to 90 pounds. Probably way bigger than you are looking for, Brandy.
    My mom in law has a Yorkshire Terrier, full size usually up to 10 pounds. My mom has a Cairn Terrier,like TOTO, from Wizard of Oz. Lots of terriers are very high strung & require LOTS of attention.
    I'm hoping that if you do get a puppy, you will consider crate training. We found it to be EXTREMELY helpful. We used it for our Boxer & Rottweiler( a shelter pup).
    Another poster warned about pet shops. I second that. Pet stores are often REALLY expensive, have poorly bred animals, & quite a few doggie illnesses.
    Good luck. Let us know what kind of furry friend you choose.
    Forgot to add, check out the vet or pet store for a product called ALLER-PET D. It is a liquid that you can rub onto fur with a washcloth, really helps cut down on the dander in dogs. The same company also has a cat version.