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Hello, This is my first post, and I apologize if it isn't in the right area! :) I am a 22 yr. old nursing student. I have only been in my nursing program for 5 weeks, and my program is aimed... Read More

  1. by   fultzymom
    I can only offer my experience for you. I went into nursing school with no prior experience. I thought I would throw up my first day I was in clinical. I was so nervous. What our teacher did was pair a non-experienced person with someone who had experience and this helped me so much. I did still feel very uncomfortable because then I felt kind of "dumb" compared to my partner but she was really good and never made me feel like that. She was very helpful.

    Have you talked with your clinical instructor about how you are feeling? They are there to help you through this. I guess at the end of the day do you cry because you hate it or because you are feeling inadequate still? If you are upset because you truely hate it then maybe you need to take another look at whether this is what you really want to do or not. But if it is your nerves then I would suggest having a meeting with the instructor to see what she and you can come up with as to what could help you. Good luck.
  2. by   nursetish1
    I have been a nurse for 22 years. PLEASE PLEASE DONT GIVE UP!! WE NEED GOOD NURSES......
    OK Having said that, I want you to know that being nervous and feeling strange in new clinical situations is normal and to be expected. That school selected YOU because they felt you had what it takes to be a welcome addition to this profession. And you know what? In your heart you know they're right.So get the help you need to get through this "phase" [friends, family, fellow students, a kind instructor, perhaps counseling] and someday you will look back and maybe have a few funny storys to tell about this time period. I dont want you to think I am downplaying how tough this can be.....I can feel your pain and anxiety coming through. Right now you need support and direction, and asking for it here was a good start
  3. by   Curious1alwys
    Get a job as a CNA or extern. You will never regret that. I never worked as one....I was tooo anxious all through you..kept talking myself out of it...but working as an aide or extern would have helped 100%-especially when you get out of school and are in the real world. You just need to do these things over and over and over and one day you will be fine. Best way to get in nursing NOW.

    Stay in school, especially if this is where your heart is. Don't let your nerves get the best of you!:spin:
  4. by   MB37
    I agree with jjjoy - don't quit today, just know that you can always quit tomorrow. Make sure if you quit that you are 100% sure that this is NOT what you want to do, at least at this point in your life. Most of my class has no prior human health care experience, and we all feel some combination of stupid/anxious/awkward on the floor (I'm in Fundamentals too). Could you possibly get a hospital job? Or volunteer somewhere? In our area you can be hired as a nurse tech/extern after you finish Fundamentals without having to go through any extra CNA-type training, and I think I'm going to try next summer - I would now, but I'd probably have to quit in January sine semester III is our hardest. Is there anything you could do to gain more experience just talking to patients? Our school has a lot of service activities and health fairs that all the HSC students can volunteer for, and even those might help - go to a nursing home with other students for a few hours some Saturday afternoon, even if it's just to play chess with the residents! Anything to make you feel more comfortable around patients.
  5. by   jantze
    Sweet Pea, Don't quit! Nursing school is REALLY HARD! But when you've made it through, your belief in yourself will become a important part of your foundation. Everyone feels the stress that you are feeling in nursing school. -please trust me! Some are just better at appearing more relaxed. You will find as the weeks go on that you will get really tight with the other nursing students and they will be there to pull you up when you are struggling just as you will pull them up when you are strong.
    Please don't do the CNA thing. You will find it harder to return to the RN program. Just forge ahead one day at a time.
    Understand that you are entering a different world where every bit of respect given to you has been hard earned. But the satisfaction that comes with being the best nurse you can be is beyond fullfilling.
    I have been at this for many years and I have never regretted my decision to keep on keeping on when I wanted to quit time and time again as a nursing student.
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!
  6. by   Nursey Face
    I am not going to say anything different than anyone else - stick with it!!! This is exactly how I felt except I didn't want to quit. My program is an accelerated BSN and my first semester was soooo hard! I was studying my ass off and getting Cs, I felt uncomfortable in clinicals - like a fish out of water but this is exactly how you should feel. It's a huge change from anything else you've ever done but before you know it, you'll feel a little more competent and then you'll do really well with something, and then you'll feel a little better and it just gets better and better.

    I agree with others - try to work per diem as a CNA. I work one shift a week at a huge teaching hospital in boston and I've learned a ton and most importantly, I feel like I can touch and interact with patients with great proficiency. I'm not afraid. Soon, you will not be either - I PROMISE!!!!

    You're doing great and you're just where you should be.
  7. by   User123456
    i think the consenis is dont quit. atleast give yourself the semester and then reevaluate. we all feel this way at some point or another. it means you care. thats a good thing. im a first year to and have def. felt the way you do. but i suck it up and know that when im an RN ill look back at school and hopefully will think of it as the god ole days! keep on truckin!