Need advice... probably switching jobs (again!)

  1. Hello all,

    Well, I started this job as a psychiatric nurse back in July. I wasn't sure about it at first but now I have grown comfortable and really like my job.

    The problems with this job are 1) the commute. 50 minutes to and from work. It's killing my husband and I financially. 2) The hours. I for some strange reason thought I would be okay with going back to working 11p-7a five nights a week, but I'm finding that it just doesn't work well for me. If I didn't have kids, it would be okay. But with a four year old, and a baby on the way... wow. I just don't have the energy, or the time. I want to sleep most of the time, and my sleep schedule is so fragmented.

    Soooooo... it looks like I'm going to be switching jobs again. Okay, here's my schedule. I leave for maternity leave on February 16th. I plan on returning to work SOMEWHERE on April the 1st. I have my eye particularly on two different hospitals; both a bit closer to home, and both psychiatric positions.
    And both twelve hour shifts, three days a week.

    WHEN should I apply to these places? Would applying around the beginning of January be too early? For an April 1st start date? See, I would ideally like to just go ahead and start a new job when I return to working, and I would also ideally like to go ahead and just tell my current job that I won't be returning after maternity leave.

    What should I do? I'm asking in here because I thought there used to be a career advice forum but I couldn't find it?
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  3. by   rn/writer
    Students who will be starting their last semester of nursing school in January are generally encouraged to start job hunting right away. Many of them have positions lined up (to start in May or June) by spring break. This is your competition, so contact the places you want to work and start the process rolling. Even if the employers don't have confirmed openings, they could very well be willing to get some of the preliminary steps out of the way.

    I wish you well, both with the birth of your child and with your job change.

    (I was a noc shift psych nurse for years, so you have a double portion of support from me.)
  4. by   DDRN4me
    I agree that it might be benficial to start preliminary job searching now; but would not give a confirmed start date... I had a preemie who was a puker and had to give up a full t ime job when i had her... so go on interviews, etc with a "tentative" can always call them when you are settled home with the baby!
  5. by   ukstudent
    Just something to keep in mind. If you are going out on FMLA for maternity you need to talk to HR at your current place. I think you have an obligation to return to recieve any money.
  6. by   NurseCard
    No, no FMLA.... since I won't have been employed there a year, I don't qualify. I should still be able to use vacation time, but if I do tell them I'm leaving after maternity leave, they may not let me use any sick time I've accrued... so that's something else I may have to consider. However, they should give me my vacation time, or at least pay me for the time I haven't used. I should really have no further obligations to them, although I do plan on getting in touch with human resources before I leave the job, just to get things squared away.

    It's really a big horrific mess, in all actuality ... I was so badly wanting to leave my last job, I went ahead and took this one in spite of finding out I was pregnant. It was a mistake, huge, but hindsight's 20/20. And really, there are lots of issues there for a different thread.

    One thing that I am worrying about is this.. since you mentioned FMLA... since I'm not covered under FMLA... my hospital HAS a policy that after six months, an employee can take a "leave of absence" BUT... while the hospital will take the employee back after a certain amount of time with all benefits and seniority intact... the hospital neither has an obligation to take that employee back, NOR do they have to cover that employee with health insurance while on leave. THEREFORE... there is actually a chance that my hospital stay/birth won't even be covered, unless I pick up COBRA! Whether I say I'm going back there or not; doesn't matter. Now, the last place that I worked, my health insurance policy was still intact until the end of the month that I left, even though I left at the beginning half of the month.

    *sigh* Like I said, it is all a big mess, but it's all for another thread really. I just really wanted to know how far in advance I should apply for a new job! I'll take everyone's advice so far under consideration..