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I am in semester 2 of a 4 semester accelerated BSN program. Right now I am kicking myself for not applying to the ADN program at my local CC. The more I learn, the more I feel like I am spinning my... Read More

  1. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Quote from gauge14iv
    B's absolutely get degrees.

    B's were what saved my sanity

    B's were what gave me time with my family, and allowed me to work.

    B's were my LIFESAVER.

    It doesnt have to be perfect - it only has to be excellent.
    See? She's a FNP and she got B's, so it won't keep you out of grad school if that's what you want, LOL.
  2. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from sunnyjohn
    Yeahm buddy.

    I haven't gotten a B in 10 years. I am gonna aim for a 3.9 in nursing school, but if I get my RN with all C's I'm still gonna strut across that stage at graduation like a summa cum laude Phi Beta Kappa!

    Slightly off topic, but did you know that Phi Beta Kappa doesn't permit any of the 'occupational majors' to join? There are no pre-meds or nursing students in Phi Beta Kappa. You have to have a major that is just for the 'love of learning and advancing knowledge for its own sake' and not an occupational major. I found that interesting. But I do get your point! I plan on keeping my stellar GPA in order to get into a nursing program. But after I'm in...HA! I'll work hard, but not sacrifice my health or sanity for the perfect 4.0. Life is too short for that kind of stress.
  3. by   gauge14iv
    I love the little calvin with his brain falling out - thats how nursing school makes you feel - no matter where you are.

    finding a balance is the key. If too much of your time is devoted to school to get A's and it's making your spouse (and you) miserable, then devote less time and energy to school and get B's. Shift the balance.

    Look how fast the past 6 mos have gone by. The next 6 will all be over so fast it will make your head swim.

    I averaged 13 hours a semester through my grad program. Why? I just decided to bite the bullet and suck it up because getting it over with quickly mattered to me - but I told myself going in, I was NOT shooting for all A's. I had to purposefully NOT care about that 4.0.

    This too shall pass. Just shift the balance.
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  4. by   fleur-de-lis
    Thank you all for your honest opinions, this is what I need to hear. I have gone back and forth on this so many times! On one hand, I have under a year to go in my current program - so just suck it up, right! And I have totally gotten over trying for straight A's - B's are F I N E by me! The problem with C's in this program is if you get more than one, you are out of the program. With the 2nd C they switch you to the traditional track and you are out of the accelerated program - so I can't slack too much!

    I keep going back to the money. $20 grand is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when I do not plan on going into mgt, at least not anytime soon. Our plan is to pay off the loan in my first year working, since we are surviving fine on hubby's pay. Then year 2 we pay off debt (credit cards, etc). After that, we are all set financially and can start making baby plans! With 20,000 less in debt, our whole plan moves up by a year or so, and neither of us is getting any younger! BTW, my hubby is only taking one class this semester. He is just starting out at age 36 so I did not want him to stop completely since he has so long to go, especially part time! He already takes care of the housework necessities: laundary, cooking, dishes, taking care of dogs, cats, and horses. The rest, dust bunnies included, lies in wait!

    I plan on at least going to talk to the counselor for the CC program, and my current clinical instructor who used to teach there and now the instructor for my accel. program. I know she will try to talk me into staying, but I probably need to hear what she has to say too.

    Again, thanks for the good advice!
  5. by   Multicollinearity
    That's rediculous about the C's. I have heard that C's are the new F's. I think this is over-kill. Good luck with what you decide.

    I guess my point was that the OP needs a pressure release so the 4.0 needs to go.
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  6. by   gauge14iv
    1 C was the rule when I was in nursing school - it's nothing new. I saved my C purposefully for psych

    And it was the rule in my NP program as well - but I chose not to chance it!
  7. by   Multicollinearity
    I know there are no C's in grad school. Is this a combined aBSN-MSN program?
  8. by   gauge14iv
    I was talking about in my ADN program as well.
  9. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from gauge14iv
    I was talking about in my ADN program as well.
    *sigh*. I guess a 'C' is the new 'F.' I've never received a 'C' but mentally I use it as a stress relief. You know...the world wouldn't end if I got a 'C.'
  10. by   gauge14iv

    Honestly - I know of very few professional programs where more than one C has ever been acceptable. Its been that way for years.

    What is frustrating though is that A's are very very hard to get in nursing and graduate programs.
  11. by   fleur-de-lis
    I think the 2 C rule is ridiculous also. In our summer session we would giggle and write C = RN on the chalk board before every dosage test, until someone clued us in about this rule! Sure, you could continue on in the traditional program, but not many of us would do so. Personally I would go to a public school rather than stay there and pay private school tuition! I am saving my C for the 2nd installment of Med-Surg next semester. The one this semester is bad enough, I hear part 2 only gets worse!
  12. by   Multicollinearity
    The two BSN programs I am applying to (large state universities) require a 2.0 to proceed in the program and graduate. I guess I should count my blessings that this is a stress escape option for me, once in the program. I do this every semester - I tell myself I can get one 'B' in one course. I feel so relieved I always get all 'A's. Never mind about my particular mind games though...I'm getting OT from Fleur's woes .
  13. by   romie
    It is really difficult to get into ADN programs, usually harder than accel. BSN programs because they tend to be less expensive and are percieved to be more flexible and human being friendly. Even if you do drop your BSN prog., you may not even get into an ADN program for a few years due to long waiting lists. I wouldn't do it-- you will regret it for a very very long time.