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  1. I want to go to school to become an LPN. Then later I would like to advance to RN (schoolng) . I need advice... What do I do first? I am thinking about going to a community college for the LPN training, but is there anything I should do first? I have no clue how this all works, and after reading the boards I'm getting confused. Do I have to take prerequisites for LPN? Or do I just go to the CC and apply. I am in my forties so I don't have great high school courses to show them towards nursing, just regular. So, if anyone could advise me I would really appreciate it sooo much. And thank you also, I know nothing! lol.
    ~ Erin
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  3. by   MIA-RN1
    Probably the best place to start is with the school in which you are interested. See what they recommend and look at all your options. Would you save time and money just going straight for your RN rather than going to LPN first? Or if you need to work as an LPN to get thru school, will the RN program be flexible enough for you to fit in your schooling?
    The school will be able to offer you advice as to what classes you will need for your specific degree and also what kinds of waiting lists you may or may not have to deal with.
    Good luck and welcome to the profession!
  4. by   LDJRN
    there are a few prereqs for lpn, but you could take them simultaneously with the course-work. that's not recommended, though. i suggest that you first apply to the community college, then go speak with the head honcho of the nursing programs. s/he could give more specific advice to you. good luck!!
  5. by   meownsmile
    If you become an LPN first, make sure that the pre-reqs for the LPN can be transferred and accepted for core classes for the RN program you are wanting to complete. You dont want to be stuck having to retake something before you can enter the RN program.
  6. by   ChickyLPN
    the first thing you need to do is become a state tested nursing assistant, to see if this is really a field you want to get into. You will learn a lot about nursing just by observing nurses, and it will really help you through your first quarter of nursing school. some nursing homes even help pay for your tuition, if you agree to work for them after you get your lisence.
  7. by   AfloydRN
    Considering I was a single mom and did LPN first- I would not recommend it if you do not go back quickly. Some pre- req's I took " expired" and classes had to be retaken$$$$$$$$$. I did it from the perspective that I could work as an LPN and make more money than waiting tables and then finish RN school. I am thankful that I went back and suggest to anyone that they do the same.
  8. by   RN007
    My local hospital has an 11-month LPN program. I have several friends who have been through it and recently passed their boards. You might see if there's a similar program for you in a nearby hospital. Hospitals often have tuition reimbursement programs and this might be an option if you decide to get your LPN first, then go for the RN -- then you could get that paid for. Good luck to you!
  9. by   Dixiecup
    I'm so glad I went to LPN school almost 20 years ago and there weren't any pre reqs!:chuckle