Nebraska Medical Center or Johns Hopkins?

  1. Hello, all! I am stuck in a pickle and I would love any and all input. I have two potential jobs: Nebraska Medical Center on a Heart and Vascular Unit, or Johns Hopkins on a General Medicine/palliative care or Colorectal Surgical Oncology Unit. These are both for a new graduate nursing position. My ultimate goal is to end up in a MICU, whenever that may be. NMC offers a $3,000 relocation bonus, $26.46 base, and the cost of living there is good. Sign on is only contracted for a year. Health insurance isn't stellar at NMC, but they offer 50% tuition expense paid to the university. Johns Hopkins also offers a $3,000 relocation bonus, base is $28, cost of living is higher (especially housing), and contract is for 2 years. The health insurance is better, and I believe (not 100%), they offer 100% tuition reimbursement for full time employees.

    If you were in my shoes, where would you go? What would you do? I am just so conflicted. Heart and vascular is AMAZING experience, but Johns Hopkins is #3 in the country, and one of the best in the world. What are your thoughts?
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Keep in mind best in the world means best for the patients and not necessarily best for employees. I would put the benefits stuff aside and pick whatever floor you want to work on more.

  4. by   KelRN215
    What Annie said is true, #1 means #1 for patient care not as a place to work.

    That said, hands down I'd choose John Hopkins. I just can't imagine living in Nebraska. I spent about 20 hours there earlier this year and don't feel the need to ever go back.
  5. by   ctsurgeryscrubrn
    The Heart and Vascular service at UNMC is phenomenal. It's a real family and most importantly, it functions as a cohesive team. Dr. Merritt is an Asst Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery there and represents the best there is in complex cardiac surgery - so talented, faith-driven with an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Unfortunately, i don't know much about JHU. But, you are very blessed to have such offers.
  6. by   Night__Owl
    No matter where you work, the majority of your time per week will be spent outside of work. Remember to consider what place you'd like to be living as a strong priority.
  7. by   cleback
    If you have healthcare needs, go with hopkins.
  8. by   mmc51264
    I'd go Hopkins, you can always move laterally. I work in a top 10 hosp and love all that I have learned as we get the cases no one else can figure out. I also love the Baltimore/DC area. SO much to do there.