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  1. by   Myxel67
    What you all are calling "vagina" is the vulva, labia majora & labia minora. The vagina is the muscular tube inside. Sometimes female external genitalia is referred to as the pudenda or pudendum. (I don't know many patients who would hold still for a hospital employee to wash her vagina!)

    The most ridiculous euphemism I've heard lately is calling global warming "climate change," I know---not nursing
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  2. by   RN mom of 2
    That's true, but the area you wash is the part that protects the vagina, so it's basically the same thing. It may not be technically correct, but I think people know what you are referring to.

    I prefer to say, vaginal area.
  3. by   BlkQueenLPN
    Quote from Zee_RN
    I've heard many of the same expressions posted herein. But I've only once had a man refer to his privates as "my cats!" We had about six nurses holding him down as he was going through violent DTs. We, of course, inserted a catheter at this time too ... and he kept screaming at the top of his lungs..."What are you doing to MY CATS!! Let go of MY CATS!!"
    OMG...Waaaayyy to funny!!
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    Some of my Puerto Rican friends call their daughters' vulva/labia their "pu-pu."

    One of my nurse friends taught her boys to call their penises worms.

    Another uses "doopie" for butt. We had a breech baby (born vaginally!! yay!) and she looked at him and goes, "Oh, you decided to come doopie first!"
  5. by   lvsmith
    My husband says he used to call the vagina a "pecan". We are from south Louisiana
  6. by   grace90
    I've heard females call it a '****' before
  7. by   RanieRN
    I have a co-worker who refers to peri care as "a mouse wash".

    My oldest daughter (who's now 20) has always used "girl parts" despite (or in spite of) being taught all the anatomically correct terms.

    And the youngest boy came up with "wee wee" all on his own!
  8. by   DanielleTown
    I hear "downstairs" refering to vagina. Hahahaha. I call penises peniers.
  9. by   Diary/Dairy
    WOW - this is one interesting thread!! Pecan is a new one for me!!
    My mom used to refer to my sisters and my crotch as a "po-po". Never heard it anywhere anyone else.
  10. by   agent66
    Quote from grace90
    I've heard females call it a '****' before

    Do the men call theirs a twit then?? Ha ha
  11. by   agent66
    I have heard many funny ones but "muffin" by a little old dolly was pretty funny. And a fellow who called it the dickie bird. You just smile and give them their meds and a glass of water.
  12. by   crissrn27
    My 3 y/o refers to her front parts as "hiney" and her back parts as "butt" so when she is talking about the whole thing she says it is her "hineybutt".....she knows the proper words, but the way she pronounces them are reallly bad, so we go with hineybutt.
  13. by   ERRNTraveler
    Labia = "piss flaps" or "beef curtains"

    A man's peri area = "ABC" (Ass-Ball Connection)