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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   RNinSoCal
    SF Bay Area pay is nice. I am on the peninsula. I have been a nurse for almost 10 years, I work med/surg currently. The current base pay for new grads is 38.42/hr here. I am up to 50.18/hr now. I only made 27/hr in Glendale, CA in 2005.
    We are currently getting 3% raises every 6 months, thank you CNA. I cleared over 100 K for the first time in my life last year!! Not bragging, just very grateful to be almost out of debt and saving for a condo.
    For total honesty, my rent is 1500/month and when I buy a condo my mortgage will be around 3000/month. It is worth it to me to live here.
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  2. by   little_lost_bear
    When i left Texas in 1999 I was making 10.75 an hour as an LVN, 25 cents an hour for doing IVs, moved to Australia where i made 21.08 for EEN plus 12.5% evening shift plus 1.5 for saturdays and 1.75 for Sundays, 20% for nights. Just up graded to RN-BSN working in private hospital for 22.7596 an hour as a new grad. Public Hopsital offered $22.08 to start. I get a 4% pay increase in July and another in Feb 2008. Maybe i should consider moving back to America...... Just have to pass state boards. yukie....
    The price of living in australia is gas is 1.16 a litre, pay rent by the week here ( my rent is $250.00 A WEEK), my tags for my car cost 283 for 6 months....To buy a house is 300,000 plus.... must reconsider options now. Can anyone give me some good sites on studying for state boards?
    thank you
  3. by   nbtwn
    My first year out ICU/ER 1998, San Ramon, CA. starting pay $36/hr w diff.
  4. by   Christine950423
    I will begin Nursing school in the fall, but I was wondering with all of the hourly wages being stated, what is an "average" work week for an LPN and RN(assuming that you want to work full time)? I am guessing that 40hours a week is shy of what you really work?
  5. by   youknowho
    Quote from HealingHands327
    Forget standard of living if your single, live a student life for a few years working in the higest payed city for RNs, save to buy a house !

    then move to a lower standard of living location.

    So SF BAY area pays the most it seems? It can't possibly be 36 to 40 an hour for new grads is it? someone please clarify.
    Its true!! San Jose hospitals are around $36 base plus extra for 12 hour shifts and extra for nights. Plus a $7500 bonus if I am still there in 2 years.

    So far so good. I really like it. Some of my classmates who work elsewhere make SLIGHTY more, maybe a buck or two per hour more but no signing bonus.
    This area is expensive but I don't notice as much since I have lived here my whole life and already own a house.
  6. by   Djuna
    Quote from KellieNurse06
    OMG...are you serious??? That's only a couple of dollars more than minimum wage.....that's awful!!!! Is the cost of living low there????? Wow..I am speechless!!!
    Cost of living in NZ depends on where you live. In the cities like Auckland and Wellington it's very expensive.

    I left NZ to make more money in Australia. My base hourly rate is $30. On Saturday I earn 25% more, Sunday an extra 50%. $30AUD is about $23.60US.

    I find in comparing wages you have to take into account the cost of living. There's no point earning good money if a good proportion goes towards rent and food and utilities.

    Anyone work in Vermont or Maine? My husband to be and I are hopefully moving there at the end of the year and I'm interested in the wage rates in these places.
  7. by   pcicurn7
    NYC: $35-$38 for new grads. After reading this, i might only consider moving to SF. lol

    Oh and someone asked...from what i have heard, teachers dont make very a lot of money. That is why this country has such a shortage of nursing educators, leading to long wait lists at colleges.
  8. by   fivewestortho
    i have an assocate degree with all but 19 hours for a bs
  9. by   jcurlygirl
    Wow! I am so amazed at the different pay scales throughout the country. I live in Fargo, ND and the starting wage for an RN (ADN or BSN doesn't matter) is 21.55-26.94. The hospitals website lists this information under the job description, excellent job on behalf of them. I am suprised how competitive we are in what is like the middle of know where to some. Plus, the cost of living is very reasonable. I suppose the only downfall is the snow, and maybe the flooding. But a great place to live and work. We are always in need of nurses so come on up or over!
  10. by   Nursebarebari
    i am an Rn in ny, base salary 1s 33/hr. cost of living is much higher than other areas. my 2 bedroom apt rent is 1200/month.
  11. by   ERJunkieBSNRN
    The hourly nursing rate in NC is awful! Contacted three hospitals in my area and was told I would get paid 18-19 per hour as an ER nurse with experience....RN pay. Graduated in 2002 with 5 years of ER experience.
  12. by   qtRN
    New York City, with 4 years of RN experience: $37.50/hr plus I have to pay toll and parking fees for almost $300/month.

    I am very disappointed with the salary to be honest when NYC has the highest cost of living in the nation. On the other hand, in Northern CA, the pay I got is $41.4 plus $3.7 evening differential for the whole 12hr shift and free parking and nice weather. I will definitely go back to the Bay Area in CA...
  13. by   kattben
    I live in Northern Lower Michigan, new graduates start out at 20 an hour. there is a $2 3rd shift diff and no weekend diff.