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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   jsu102
    New grads in Hershey, PA make $21.90/hr to start. Cost of living in the area is fairly low and my employer also provides 75% tuition assistance to Penn State for the employer, spouse, and children.
  2. by   ElvishDNP
    Triangle area of NC. New grads start out around $19/hr.

    At my particular hospital:
    $4 diff for 3p-11p
    $6 diff for 11p-7a
    Weekend diff:
    1.5x base salary for 7a-7p
    1.67x base salary for 7p-7a
    plus shift diff.
    You don't get any extra for being charge.

    I have almost 6yrs experience.
  3. by   htrn
    Quote from ccusherry
    By the Mason Dixon line in Pa/Md. I have been an RN for 10 years in critical care and work weekend nights. Base salary + WE night diff + WE incentive pay = ~40 to 42/hr depending on if charge of unit.
    I definetly need to move!!!! Don't know about the hubby and kids though, can I just leave them here???:spin:

    I work is small hospital in Northern WI and base is $25 something after 5 years, plus shift diff for eves, nocs and weekends. Time and a half for holidays, OT, etc...
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  4. by   ZootRN
    Tampa area, new grads start at $18-19.
    I am amazed how lowly nurses are paid up north. I used to think the worst salaries are here in Fl. Also, $25 for new grad in California, where cost of living that high, is not too impressive either.
  5. by   coco18
    In the San Jose area, new grads start around 38-40 I believe. I have almost two years experience, and receive approximately 41.5 + 20% for per diem. Night shift differential at my facility is $6, I think 3-4 for evenings, and 1.5 for weekends.
  6. by   DebbieRN45
    Quote from mom2michael
    SW Missouri

    I've seen RN wages (starting, hospital) as low as $15.58 and I've seen them as high as $20.ISH at an acute long term care facility.

    I started at $16.67 as a new grad.

    I also work in SW Missouri and starting wages for new grads in my facility are $16.50. They give credit for LPN to RN of 2:1. Sounds like many other states are friendlier to nurses!! Hmmmm....
  7. by   jannrn
    where I work it looks like from the hosp web site advertising a med/surg nursing job it starts out at 36.20/hr (does not include $10/hr night differential). this is central coast of california.
  8. by   cheryn
    I work in Madisonville, KY and new grad pay is $17.38/hr with 7% pm diff and 10% noc diff. No weekend diff.
  9. by   Miss Mab
    I started as a new grad at my hospital in the East Bay of SF in November of 2005. When I started it was $48.00 for night shift . This month I went down to per diem because my boyfriend has me on his medical. Currently---$69/hr nights.
    I've said this on other threads but I could never do this gig for some of the rates I hear out there. I know cost of living is more here but come on! Maybe I don't like nursing enough. I'm not "in it only for the cash" but I do know I would not be in this field if we moved elsewhere. My own health is more important than to put up with alll the crap we do and then not even be paid well for it? Huh uh. More power to you guys....
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  10. by   CardiacButterfly
    i am a nursing student in the okc metro area but i know that mercy hospital rn starting pay is $17.85 0-3yrs exp. and for lpn they start at $11.58.....
  11. by   wonderbee
    Just left employment at UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh. Starting salary for new grad in ICU $18 and change.

    Cost of living not too bad. Local and state income taxes a big drain.
  12. by   hollyvk
    the posting here show a couple of things:

    1) wages vary thoughout the nation

    2) negotiated labor contact rns earn more

    3) rns in larger metro areas earn more

    4) rn wages in general are low :angryfire

    5) most folks would rather discuss their sex lives than how much they actually make!

    employers are hoping you don't know what they salary range is, so they can keep you at the low end of it if you're in the position of having to negotiate for yourself (versus a negotiated labor/union situation where the union folks have done that for you).

    and why are we so secretive about how much we actually make, i suppose because some think it's a barometer of our actual worth in society. . . .

    hollyvk, rn, bsn, jd
    who knows the true value of most things in life and doesn't believe much of the marketing anymore :bowingpur

    [s] my true value is reflected in the opinions of others, not my paycheck [/s]

    [banana] but if you think i'm willing to work for peanuts, you're nuts! [/banana]

    Quote from tweety
    you are entitled to your opinion.

    personally, to me it's not quite publically discussing our salary. most of us are being anonymous and we're discussing it on a nursing board. sure someone whose not a nurse may stumble upon this thread and say "gee those nurses are so unprofessional talking about salary".

    i don't discuss my salary in real life with anyone. there's a guy at the bowling alley that is always trying to get my salary out of me and i keep mum.

    on an anonymous message board amoung my peers, i don't mind. (but notice i only gave the starting rn salary. not my personal salary.)
    per propofool: "this seems to be a unique phenomena, in my opinion, that nurses are so willing to publicly proclaim their earning potential. of course it is normal to wonder, but less than professional to discuss publicly."
  13. by   gerry79
    Boston checking in. At the hospital I will work at new grads start at $28/hr. ($25.75 plus $2.25 an hour PPC. PPC is paid to all since we have no shift diff.)This is a non union hospital. Union hospitals pay more.
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