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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   PediRN
    night house supervisor in CT. with night diff, $60/hour.
  2. by   bluesnurse
    Quote from bigjim
    I didn't exactly quit computers, they kind of quit me.
    Glad you have found something you enjoy! My DH was also in IT and got laid off after 9/11. From there he found jobs, but the pay kept getting worse, the hours and travel increased, and it reached the point where it wasn't worth it for him to hustle up work. Funny, because if you listen to the fat cats there is still a "tech worker shortage" in the US.

    As you know, the fact is there is a shortage of experienced American IT professionals willing to work 60-70 hour weeks for a pittance. Unfortunately, it easy to outsource computer work (who cares if quality suffers?), and Big Business continues to push for more H1-B visas.

    The health care field is far less vulnerable to this stuff, but we are by no means immune. I never kid myself about that and am always thinking of the next step.

    Off my soapbox and back on topic -- I work in a specialty office with 3+ years as an RN, $23/hr. It's 40hrs/wk, overtime is discouraged, and no weekends or holidays. OTOH, PTO sucks when you have to burn it on 8 holidays/year off plus sick time. It's a quality of life decision for me right now, but I do expect to go back to acute care later this year, where pay would be $5-7/hour better. Next step after that is MSN/NP.

    Oh, and DH is now self-employed in auto repair, and is far more secure than he was as a coder geek. No one's managed to outsource that yet, either :spin:
  3. by   bigjim
    Quote from bluesnurse
    Oh, and DH is now self-employed in auto repair, and is far more secure than he was as a coder geek. No one's managed to outsource that yet, either :spin:

    Good for your husband and good for you too, continuing your education.

    Now let's hope that shipping doesn't get so cheap that people start shipping cars to India or China for major work. Sounds ridiculous, but look how fast communication and transportation costs have dropped.
  4. by   MadisonsMomRN
    Maryland new grad RN's start out at about 23/hour. I have 5 yrs exp. I work in corrections and make 38.00 hour.
  5. by   me_daffy
    LPN in TN LTC, $14-18 new grad
    Better facilities pay less
    Larger cities pay better...
  6. by   ORSmurf
    Northern Calif., small hospital, 2.5 years exp., ADN RN, 36+/hr.
  7. by   Alibaba
    I think people should also be aware of the pay differences for foregoing benefits esp. if you are covered on a SO's insurance.
    ex. Applied for this job, offered $14/hr with 4 years experience
    Then I thought, I won't be signing up for medical benes anyway, so what's the pay without bene? 26/hr and I can still accrue sick, vacay and dip into 401k (no match). What else is there to think about? we also get shift diff $2.50 eve $3.50 Noc $3.50 w/e $4.50 w/e noc. Not too bad, but if I did not ask, I would prob be making $14.
    Oh, this is in South TX
  8. by   divarn2003
    I have been an RN for 6 years now, my first job in 2005 in the Durham NC area was $18/hr plus diff. I have been traveling for last 4 years and have found that the avg pay is about $35-40 hour nation wide. In CT I made $40/hr as agency house sup and $30 as new grad RN in ER. In CA I have a staff job in the "valley" making $42/hr with $4.80 shift diff for 7p shift. My agency pays me $45/hour now diff. My travel assignment have avg around the $40/hour range also. I took a staff job on St Thomas for $23/hr and the travelers were making $34/hr. While some places (like San Francisco) pay $50/60/70 hr, these jobs are most likely PD with no benefits in a very high cost of living area. As an RN where ever you live you will get paid enough to live comfortably based on your area cost of living. Just like any other profession if you want extra things you will have to work OT. Just like any other profession your pay will also be based on specialty, advanced certifications, and or an advanced degree. For me as a single mom with 2 years of college working ER/ICU bedside, $40/hr is not too bad. If I want more $$ then I will go back to school, get my Masters and obtain a few more advanced certifications.
  9. by   melmarie23
    I am in NH and new grad pay inthe hospital where I was just offered a job is $22/hr. Since I was hired per diem, I get a differential there, binging my pay to $23.10/hr. Then there are shift differentials. $2.25 evening, $4.50 nights and $1.50 weekends.
  10. by   Jenni811
    too much information for me. but i work in a not so good area of Wisconsin. So its a hospital with alot of new grads and alot of turn over in employees. the area is basically a dump, but it is actually a really nice hospital. It's what i could get...
    So starting salary here is a whopping 19/hour for RN