My only New Year's Resolution

  1. After working yesterday, I have come up with my only new year's resolution. TO BE NICER TO OURSELVES AND OUR COWORKERS. No, we don't need to take on everything, it is okay to ask for help. AND yes by golly it is even okay to ask someone if they need help and actually do something for them if you have a minute!!! How much time do we lose by answering a call light for another nurse to be asked "can I have something for pain? etc" Then tracking the other nurse down to say "so and so has pain and leave" If I look really busy and frazzled, I may need some help. Look at the mar, if you aren't sure call me up (we have portable phones, which is another whole subject) ask me if it is okay and then use your nursing judgement and give them something. Leave a note for me to follow it up, when and what you gave, (besides marking it on the mar). How hard is that. When we are training new nurses, let them know that it is okay to make a mistake and that you will and that every nurse makes a mistake. Teach all the young nurses to check on their coworkers to see if they need help with something. Be a resource for your coworkers so that they can come to you for help and that they feel that you too can go to them for help. How much nicer of a work environment would that be. It doesn't take much just a nice comment to each other at least once a day. Even just to one person, it would make a difference.

    Okay I am done preaching.
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    I agree.
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    Life is too short.. I hope I can add to my environment.....