My Name is BlueHenRN and I Almost Ate my Young Today - page 2

My mouth began to water in anticipation. My stomach was already growling, and I entertained the thought of what wine would go best with the new nurse I was about to devour. Before I could... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    I'm w/Lisa--the new docs are much juicier!!
  2. by   NickiLaughs
    My preceptor takes nibbles every once in a while. But I promise I do the best I can!

    I will say this, even though they make you cry, scare you daily with ways you might "accidentally kill" your patient, or just plain old "move faster, you won't have me forever"; most of them are really just trying to make you a safe nurse who they would trust to take care of them or a family member.

    She has been grilling me every day, and every day I go home and look up everything that I can remember and tell her it the next day.

    Then we started our critical care class last week. Everything she's been grilling me on was in the class! I'm actually grateful because I'm flying through the class.

    I know most of you mean well and keep up the good work cuz we need you!