My 4 year old daughter fixing to have heart surgery

  1. My four year old daughter is fixing to have heart surgery in the next 2 weeks. We have taken her to the hospital and showed her around a few times. We have also tried to teach her about her up-coming surgery with the medical doll.
    My daughter is in preschool and I was wondering what suggestions I could give to my daughter's teacher and schoolmates to support her before and after her surgery. Any and all suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Maybe show the classmates the medical doll too?
  4. by   km5v6r
    Talk to the Child Life department of the hospital you will be at. They have both the experience and supplies to help both your daughter and her schoolmates.
  5. by   vamedic4
    km5 is right, the hospital should have a child life department that will help with this issue. The doll is good, and there are books that you can get that you can read to your child to help them understand more about the surgery. Again, the child life department is your best bet.
  6. by   TazziRN
    No ideas about this but I wanted to give you and your daughter a hug!

    {{{{{{Gigi and her little one}}}}}}
  7. by   AfloydRN
    God bless you and her. I am so sorry for the stress and fear you must have. Talk to the teacher and maybe they can all make something for her to keep w/ her at the hospital. What about chaplain services? Maybe they have some good ideas too?
  8. by   allantiques4me
    I am so sorry for the situation you are enduring.You must be really scared.Ill say a prayer for you and your child.I dont really have any other suggestions,but felt I should send my support.God bless.
  9. by   muffie
    good luck to your family
  10. by   GardenDove
    God bless you and good luck. My heart goes out to you.