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As a nursing student, I am required to wear white scrubs when I work in the hospital. Most of the time, that is ok, and I am just very thankful that we dont have to wear uniforms, but today it is... Read More

  1. by   radnurse2001
    White....How totally archaic!!!!!!CAPS......We are no longer handmadiens!!!!!! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't wear hospital issue scrubs!!!!! I agree with frustartedRN on this one...the red flashing lights would be a good touch.
  2. by   jimminy
    When I was hired at my current job, I asked what colors do I need to buy. They said "Black and Blue". I thought they were joking since that is what a large majority of the patients look like after car wrecks, ag assaults, etc. I'm looking like a jerk when I respond, laughing, "No, really!" (DUH). She was very serious. We can wear black or royal blue or a combination of both. When we were all black, we call ourselves Ninja Nurses. Of course, I always wonder what the poor patients think about their nurses looking morbid. The reasoning behind the distinct colors is that we are a teaching hospital. At anytime, we have interns, med students, nursing students, paramedic students, etc. in our emergency room. Everyone knows who the nurses are. No one else is allowed to wear our colors. If we have a problem, we always ask what was the person wearing? I helps alot. It also hides all the pretty colors that appear on us by the end of the night!

    It also helps if the Officers of the Law pull us over. If we are wearing our black and blue, they know where we work and just tell us to slow down.....not that we would ever go over the speed limit
  3. by   frustratedRN
    that would be my dream uniform color. it sure would hide the coffee stains or pepsi stains i get. (always spilling things
    in our hospital nurses and doctors wear white.
    the assistants wear light blue
    and the transport wears royal blue
    secretaries wear dark blue

    techs and er wear a funky color green.
    the rest of the staff wears reg blue scrubs.

    i can never remember seeing black scrubs at any of the uniform stores around here.
  4. by   jimminy
    Landau carries them, althought they are few and far between.I usually have to order mine from PRN. They are also in the mail catalogues.
  5. by   jfordngcsu
    :eek: i'm glad you all wear the all white scrubs too. we hate it and we thought we were the only ones. we call ourselves little clouds. we stand out so much. our year they changed it. the years before us had royal blue and i think that was so much better. i understand what you mean by the once a month thing. luckily i can;t recall it ever raining when i have worn mine yet. knock on wood! i think tie dying it is a great idea. i just may do that myself or sell them to another student. cause i hate them personally!!!
  6. by   Thunderkat
    ... gloating is just so ugly.... but I am sooooooooooo glad that I can wear scrubs of any color, or pattern, Street clothes as long as they are tasteful and jeans, as long as they are any color except blue. However, on Friday we can wear blue jeans as it is called "ultra casual day" The only thing that drives me nuts is wearing my name badge with this really most unflattering picture of myself.... I look like one of my derranged patients....and I also hate keeping up with a key ring of 10 keys... I work at a State Mental Hosp, and it gives me anxiety when I temporarily misplace them and find them in the wrong pocket. LOL
  7. by   tiger
    speaking of jeans. why do you think so many places are against denim. if they are not tight/tattered. denim covers way better than thin white what you don't want seen. denim scrubs are the same fit as other scrubs--so what's the problem???????? it is just another material-not a symbol of casualty.
  8. by   Thunderkat
    Tiger, I asked that very same question at a nurses meeting about Blue denim and was told that it was not permitted because it looked very unprofessional and too comman, the DON and Administer said it made use look like we were out to dig ditches....I thought, hmmmm, what a stooopid answer!
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Check out the post: Judging a nurse "by it's cover " thread at Nursing Advocacy forumn.
  10. by   Katnip
    Putting me in white even for a short time is a mistake. I am a magnet for anything that doesn't belong on a uniform. I dread doing clinicals all day wearing a white uniform. I'll have to keep a spare with me.

    CAPS? Caps originally designated which school you were from. Ours are "Flossies", little lace things, but we don't get them because nobody makes them anymore. Thank goodness.
  11. by   ToofunnyRN
    RNs wear white pants and shirt. We also have to wear a jacket or vest that the whole unit wears
    Nurse Techs wear khaki and the jacket
    Secretaries wear navy and the jacket
    I have to admit that it looks nice and the patients like being able to tell who is who
    I hate wearing the white but atleast we have great jackets that hang low
  12. by   frustratedRN
    one day all of us forced to wear white should wear funky panties and bras...yes even the men...
    and bright orange socks...
    just one
  13. by   CEN35
    a mans idea?????? i doubt that!