Moving to Florida

  1. hello everyone,
    I have been considering a move to Florida and was wondering if anyone new of any good hospitals I could look into?
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  3. by   CarolineRn
    Where in Florida are you relocating to? Given a general area, I may be able to help.
  4. by   burger914
    Hello, I have been thinking about the Ocala since I have friends in that area. How is the job market for RNs in Florida, are there alot of job openings?
  5. by   codebluechic
    There are so many job openings down here I could work at a different place every day of the week. This is the time to look for a job. The tourist season starts soon and hospitals are in a panic to fill those positions. Sign on bonuses are big down here (up to $25,000 in some areas) Pay rates are pretty much what ever you demand,especially if you work ICU. I'm in south Florida, in the northern parts things aren't as good. Hope this helps.
  6. by   dbscandy
    Hey codebluechic...WHERE is there a 25,000 sign-on bonus in FL? I really would like to know and what is the contracted time to fulfill?
    Thanks, Dbscandy
  7. by   burger914
    Wow...25,000????Holy S*&#!!! Thank you for the info!
  8. by   codebluechic
    $25,000 bonuses are being offered on the east coast for open heart surgery. $15-10,000 for CVICU. $10-5,000 for ICU.
  9. by   Huganurse
    Job Number Title City Yearly Salary Date Posted
    * FL2220066 RN SUPERVISOR OCALA N/A 10/3/2001
    * FL2218585 ARNP PO BOX 771 $44,990.40 9/28/2001
    * FL2218557 RN 131 SW 15 $34,216.00 9/28/2001
    * FL2214816 RN OCALA $31,000.00 9/14/2001
    FL2197483 RN/LPN NURSES OCALA $29,120.00 7/16/2001
    * FL2186972 RN NURSE & INSTRUCTOR OCALA $22,880.00 5/31/2001

    Florida is notorious for low pay and non union attitude. Usually the bigger the city the higher the sign on bonus. Ocala only has one hospital that I'm aware of, and is limited in LTC beds. The area is growing as is all of the state. To make good money in FL you either need to work in ICU or agency. Ocala is a very beautiful small city that is actually very country. Lots of horses and rolling green hills (for FL). The Interstate also passes through Ocala which is great for access to the rest of the state. White sandy wide beaches are about 2 1/2 hours away, but there are lakes and rivers closer by for recreation. Good Luck!