Moving on

  1. my husband is military. we are doing our first move from michigan to northern california.

    i heard through the grapevine that you need to re-test in california. i couldn't imagine not nursing, but we will only be there for 6 months. so, if that's the case, there's no point to me.

    could someone pretty please help me out here?! i'm so worried now.

    also, i have no concept of how much i can expect to make there. i know that for an lpn, i make pretty top notch in my area. am i looking at a paycut? we will be in petaluma which is one hour north of sf, and is right in the napa valley.

    blessings all!

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  3. by   Tweety
    Re-test what test? NCLEX? NCLEX is a national exam good in all 50 states.

    California is notoriously known as the best paying state in the country for nursing, so I'm not sure you'll be looking at a pay cut.


    Good luck to you.
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    I also suggest you look into "Travel Nursing". Not sure if they hire LPN's but you could use the "housing supplement" as extra pay if not utilizing it because of your military status.

    Good luck in your move!
  5. by   ebear
    I am not aware of anyone having to re-test (?) For NCLEX??
    GOOD LUCK TO YOU and MANY THANKS for your husband's service! :spin:
  6. by   nursingisworkRN
    Welcome to CA! It is my understanding that to re-license you pay a fee to the BON. And the pay for nurses is northern CA is great! If I didn't love the southern california sun (born and raised here) I would go up north and double my paycheck.
  7. by   mikethern
    You don't have to retest, but apply for a license right away because it can take a couple months to process.

    I agree travel nursing is the way to go. You get a housing allowance and you get to test drive the job for 13 weeks.

    California nursing salaries are the highest in the nation.