Mom Passed - page 4

About this time two years ago I shared the adventure that was moving my mom from her home into a memory care facility. Last night at around 10pm she passed away. Still not quite sure how I feel... Read More

  1. by   wondern
    Oh Hppygr8ful, you are not terrible. You are awesome! You encourage and support all us on here. We love you! Sorry for your loss.

    Sevensonnets, you too for all of the above!!! And you too, mdhnurse! Lots of prayers are with you.

    I only used the barefoot emoji because it's pink and I could not find the heart one anymore.
  2. by   OrganizedChaos
    I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*
  3. by   a.costea
    Sorry to hear that, I lost my parents too.