Misrepresentation of nurses hurting our profession??

  1. There are currently two different threads, on this board, addressing nursing aids representing nurses and nurses representing doctors. It's my opinion that both are very damaging to our reputation and our future. Perhaps we should stop the inner bickering and address this type issue. Other than a few CNA's feeling we're attacking them, I can't see where we our opinions can differ on this issue. Below, I've linked the two other threads, read them and let's hear your opinions on this issue!

    Just how illegal can you go?

    Is it legal? What's your opinion??
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    sorry nurse4kids, the hyperlink doesn't work. (maybe it is just me.) Perhaps you want to let us know which links you are referring to?
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    I can't open them either !!!!!!
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    thanks, karen..SEE, sleep deprivation following several 12's DOES affect skills. lol