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Hi, my name is Sammy, and I am 29 year old single mother who is starting an ADN program in the fall. I wanted to be a nurse when I was a little girl, but never thought I could do it. Something... Read More

  1. by   zudy
    Welcome Sammysue! Glad you are here!
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse

    i am sorry to hear of your mom's passing.

  3. by   HappyNurse03
    Hi! I'm new too and this sure seems like a nice, helpful place. I've come here before---but then couldn't remember the name. I hope you and I will share lots of good fun SammySue.
  4. by   LaVorneRN
    Welcome , welcome!!!! I think it's awesome for you to start the program Sammy!! You will find it so rewarding especially due to your reasons for doing it. No matter what, move forward until you are done. Don't let obstacles slow your roll! I believe in you baby!!!! Keep us up on your progress! This is a great place for support and advice and resources. You won't regret tuning in!
  5. by   Liddle Noodnik

    Hope you enjoy your stay! I "met" you on the "black humor" discussion, I hope you'll take a gander over and see what I had to say to you. I hope too that you will not lose your idealism, I still have a lot of mine after 21 years!

    I also want you to know I'm very sorry for the loss of your Mom. I can't imagine having to go thru that myself, tho' I have been there for patients who have died and felt honored to be present for them. Your mom's lucky you were able to be there for her.

    SO! ONWARD and UPWARD, milady!