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I am confident in myself & my abilities, but I am curious on the publics view on men nurses in general > fellow employees, hospitals, patients, etc., any opinions ??? Pete :rolleyes:... Read More

  1. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    I love the male nurses, I find that they are easier to get along with for the most part. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks as long as it's what you want to do!!
  2. by   lpnandloveit1
    love working with the guys. The only pt problems that I have come accross have been in long term care, some of the older confused ladies have been afraid of the male nurses. "I just woke up and he was standing there!" And in home care. I currently care for a totally dependent 11 y/o vent pt. When the agency sent out a guy her heart rate elevated and she began to cry. Since she is non verbal we began to ask yes and no questions and at question number 1,000 we found out she was embarassed whe he did peri-care. Also in home care I have found that the dads have jelousy issues. I personally have found that men come at nursing with a whole different thought process and it is refreshing.
  3. by   Doc
    I must say that everywhere I've been, there have been female nurses that have tried to "protect" the female patients from male nurses. Has/does anyone else experience this? For some reason, being a male automativally puts up a question mark as to your sexual discretion. How you can find a patient attractive is beyond me. Still, I have heard of female nurses marrying their ex-patients, and heard some (again female) nurses talking about finding a particular male patient attractive, so I guess it can happen.

    What angers me is that this possibility and any action taken on it is assumed to be a male thing. Quite often a nurse in charge has done a part of my care on a female patient for no apparent reason, particularly for the younger females... things that have to do with the breasts or perineum, even ECGs. Or they come in and talk with me casually while I am doing a wash... Of course when you've worked on the ward for a while they back off but I find the whole process quite insulting.

    Interestingly, most cases when a nurse has had sexual relations with a patient are in the psych/corrective services areas, and there are more female "offenders". In those cases the sex was consensual, but still an abuse of the nurse-patient relationship. In our state nursing students cannot do any of their clinical prac in the corrective services because several female nursing students have had sex with male inmates.

    It is disgraceful that Obstetrics, gynaecology, L&D and paediatrics are almost without male nurses. I am happy that nurse4kids works in a paediatric department with a 50:50 male to female nurse ratio. This is exceptional.
  4. by   nurs4kids
    We're not 50:50; I get the pleasure of working with the only 3 male nurses on the unit. They only comprise about 10% of our staff. My head nurse is also male and MAY be the reason it's that high. These guys don't have much problem from the patients, the teen girls drool over them and the rest of the kids think they're cool. Occassionally a female will request them to get one of the females for caths, etc.

    One of the guys did have a young parent complain "he made me nervous, he looked at my baby too long". Welllll, he was doing a complete assessment.

    Jamis, I could have cared less if satan had been in the room during labor!! lol
    You should be allowed to do L&D, Jami..keep trying!
  5. by   Doey
    Hi All,
    Gotta say, do love working with the guys. There are three working critical care on nights right now. There have been no problems with patients and the little old ladies love em'!!! They are excellent nurses and are a great asset. There are a few on the floors at night and they haven't had any problems. One of our guys just put in for a transfer to birthing I'll miss him as he is the one I work with most often and have for the past 6yrs or so. But it's something he really wants to do and the nurse manager has said in the past that she would love to have him. I'm sure he'll be terrific there as he is in critical care.
    So Pete, go for it!
  6. by   Brownms46
    On my unit is fifty percent males, and I enjoy working with them. Working with males on the floor helps to break up some of the estrogen . I have never been able to understand why men can be doctors, and women show them all, but not nurses. I also could have cared less who was helping me with labor, as long as they got it OUT.. !

  7. by   RNed
    I am a male nurse . Once in awhile, we have patients which request female nurses, however,it never bothers me. You learn to work around whatever obstacles you encounter. There are many positives.

    Once, I had a sixteen year old female, fx femur, and she wanted to know if I would be caring for her the next night. I said, 'most likely". The next evening she has 5 of her girlfriends show up. She introduced me to each and they all had a great time giggling like crazy. The call light was on half the night.

    The female staff had a great time, with all their little quips, as well. "Oh, that's room #316's call light, I'm sure she would like her own personal nurse to respond!" "Oh 'boy toy', you are wanted in Room # 316." It took weeks for the staff to finally lose that "boy toy" label.

    Don't lose a sense of humor and all will be fine. Remember, it is not enough to just care for our patients, we need to care for our co-workers, as well, and humor is part of that caring or should I say, "therapy".

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  8. by   Chuckie
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  9. by   mom22
    I can't believe this myself, but in 7 years of nursing I have never worked with a male nurse. I live in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the US, too. How wierd!
  10. by   Jenny P
    I work with some of the best guys in nursing ever. Of a staff of about 70 nurses, I think that close to 20 of them are males (it's critical care).Someone said that there is no discrimination of females caring for male patients; well, when I was a student (in a Catholic Nursing school), I got called on the carpet for "finishing a male bath!" I'm not sure who the nun was trying to protect, me or the patient; but I had worked as an aide in a nursing home for 3 years in high school and didn't know that in my 2nd year of nursing school I shouldn't be "cleaning a male's genitals." I guess I should have left all of the old men with---- never mind.
    If I ask another nurse for help with transfers, I expect to help that nurse with something also. I've traded tasks this winter while I was on a weight restriction: if a nurse (male or female) got my patient up in the chair, I would do their pharmacy sheets, or draw their labs, or do their glucometers for them. All it takes is to ask for the help.
    Jamistlc, would you have better luck getting into L&D/OB/GYN if you were an RN? I don't know, but the only 2 male RNs that I've known in OB/GYN were RNs. Just a thought/question you might ask.
  11. by   123lisa
    male nurses are excellent and awesome. All but one who thought he was a Doctor. Most of the patients thought he was a Doctor also. They assumed because he was a he. Dont let that get to your will happen to you too. Glad you are coming on board. We need more males in nursing.
  12. by   daf2bb
    As a RN working in one of the top 5 hospitals in the US in Critical Care, I find the question becoming such a non-issue. In my hospital, a large portion of critical care and regular floors are staffed by male RN's. I have worked in numerous large hospitals, and finding a "gay" nurse is definitely a minority. The guys I have worked with range in age, life experiences and race. I currently work nights with 12 guys, all married, out of a total staff of 55, plus one of our ANM's is a guy. Guys tend to get along better. Yes there can be arguing, but not nearly as long lasting and mean as I have witnessed among my female companions. I have been in this profession for quite some time, and I am having trouble remembering when it was last that I had any difficulty being accepted by a patient.
    Yes I have been mistaken for the physician, I refrain from smacking the patient for calling me down like that and explain, I know more than that "I'm your nurse".
    If you want to be in nursing, jump feet first. We are having a ball, great hours, money could be better, but can't it always.
    Most people I encounter are very pleased with the large number of guys in our hospital. We are quietly taking over. We are nurses, not or boy nurses.
    Enjoy Nursing. Remember...It's not a job...It's an ADVENTURE!!!!!

    Ps. ladies could you cut back on always asking us to lift your patients, our backs get sore too.
  13. by   lpnandloveit1
    20 years ago I was working in a Catholic hospital and the hospital policy was that a male nurse, orderly, or Dr. insert male caths. I had of cours been doing this for quite some time and was suprised that I was no longer able to do this. Anyway, we had no male nursing staff working any place in the hospital at the time exept in E.R. and couldn't pull from there so had to call in a resident to insert a cath!!!!! boy was he happy. the problem was that he had never insterted a cath before and I had to talk him through it with an alert young patient. I guess it was o.k. if I looked, I just couldn't touch. by the way if the on call resident had been female that would have been o.k..