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Is this a universal thing these days? I was talking to a traveler the other day and he said that many places of doing this. Is this going to turn out to be just another useless form, or has... Read More

  1. by   GardenDove
    Quote from cuj
    k3 that sounds like a nightmare! We have created such a dependent society. People need to be more accountable for their personal health care and quit expecting "Someone else" to take care of things. If they take meds they need to know what and why and carry a list.
    you know, that might be the crux of the matter. And, it seems like pts, pharmacy, and docs like to pawn everything off on the nurses. Also, why can't pts take responsiblity for their own healthcare? I'm glad, at least, my hospital did a big local radio campaign when they rolled this new program out a few months ago. They also tried to collaborate with all the local pharmacies and doctors' offices, and had a manditory inservice for the docs.

    I think it is well intended, but has an awful lot of flaws which will never be solved due to the fact that you are dealing with the public, and there are alot of flakey people, plus older folks who really need assisted living.
  2. by   HappyNurse2005
    We do it.
  3. by   shiloh11
    We do this form on all pts now. For every pt type the form gets scanned to pharmacy and then is placed in the chart. 99% of the time the doctor still ends up writing whatever meds they want in their orders. They arent using the forms at all. To make matters worse, I work in Out Patient Procedures where we do same day procedures, conscious sedation, and infusions. They are now telling us they want us to initiate the form EVERY time the pt comes in. We have people that come 2x/day for up to 3 months at a time. Its absolutely ridiculous to be doing a form that no one is looking at over and over.

    To make matters worse they've now added a form called Out Patient Summary flow sheet in which we are supposed to write each day if the patient has had any changes (ie: new health problems, medication changes, illnesses etc). Of course we are already writing the changes and any interventions we make in the nursing notes. I swear the people making up these forms dont ever have to actually use them. Do any of you guys have to do this too?

    A new outpt Lovenox patient ends up taking 30 minutes because of all the paperwork. Its nuts!!
  4. by   luckylucyrn
    Unfortunately we have do do this on EVERY ER patient, no matter if they are going to be admitted or not. This means that we fill it out on grandma with 3 pages of meds in the ER for a minor problem. sometimes it takes FOREVER!
  5. by   rnin02
    Quote from cuj
    k3 that sounds like a nightmare! We have created such a dependent society. People need to be more accountable for their personal health care and quit expecting "Someone else" to take care of things. If they take meds they need to know what and why and carry a list.
    That's exactly what I think! Competent patients (ie, not the ones with dementia, developmental issues, children) need to be responsible for their health! Nurses and doctors should be responsible for education while in the hospital, making sure the patient understands their Rx's when they are discharged (or after an MD appt), but the patient is the only one who knows which MDs they have seen, what meds they have been prescribed, and they have the ultimate responsibility to keep an accurate list and communicate that list. Those med recs drive me crazy! In our hospital we have to complete a med rec within 24 hours, plus all meds that are to be continued are to be written out on an order sheet, pharmacy doesn't use the med rec form for continuing meds.
  6. by   perfectbluebuildings
    We have this but it is probably easier b/c it's a peds hospital so most kids don't have many meds, and the ones who do, have chronic issues and their parents are typically on top of it with a VERY specific list. The doctors and us grumbled at first but now I like them. There's a spot for each med to check "order, do not order, or new". And our doctors almost ALWAYS fill them out themselves and we go over them during the admit process with the parents to make sure nothing was missed. It started out really tedious and we hated it but now the impractical kinks have smoothed out under everyday use and it's actually a lot easier all around.

    Some of the doctors, like the pulm. doctors that admit CF pts all the time who are on so many meds, will write on that med.rec. sheet See Standing Orders b/c they have a protocol order sheet they've written out themselves with the "typical" CF meds and that works out and pharmacy does not have a problem.

    We have to print one if the kid's going to surgery or to the ICU as well, with all current meds, and the doctors seem to like them b/c everything's in one place for continuing or not at that point and there's space to add new meds if needed.

    However, it sounds completely different in the adult world. I sympathize with you and it is one more reason for me to stick with the kids (not that I really needed any...)
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  7. by   Nursonegreat
    anyone out there that works in an ambulatory surgery center and doing these??
  8. by   caroladybelle
    I believe that it is a JCAHO requirement....coming to a facility near you, soon.
  9. by   Nursonegreat
    i was told by my NM that it isnt a REQUIREMENT yet but soon will be in the future, so we made up our own form and have started using it. PITA. anyone from ambulatory surgery using these yet??