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New York Daily News Tuesday Oct. 17th 2006 -Barbara M. Simpson writes: "MEDICAL WORKERS NEED TO CHANGE I have bben wondering if there is now a rule that persons who work in the medical field,... Read More

  1. by   miko014
    Quote from lorster
    But my hospital cannot afford to do that because they had to build a large zen garden and a huge waterfall in the mammogram department this year.
    Amen! I work oncology, and my hospital has been named one of the 100 best in cancer for 5 years in a row...yet our inpt oncology floor is SO GROSS! We have cracks in the walls, chunks of wallpaper missing...if you look around the edges of the floor, you can see what color the linoleum used to be! It's getting bad!!!! But I guess we don't bring in the money, because they just redid maternity AGAIN! Oh, and now we're not making money (the hospital), so the management said, "ooh, soory. You guys are going to have to work at 103% productivity." Sorry, off-topic, but I loved your response! :chuckle
  2. by   aileenve
    Where I work all staff nurses are required to wear scrubs, some do not have pt. contact....some work in clinic etc.. people should not always ASSUME we are out there spreading germs, also people should not take a child in a hospital unless he/she is the patient.
  3. by   lauralassie
    Sorry about your luck, hospitals cut back so they don't buy scrubs , our hospital has not place to change we work 12-13 hours without pee'ing or eating.There is no cafateria at night and so on and so on. So, I'll wear my scrubs out. (unless I have obvious body fluid on them). You need to be more worried about the sports equipment that is used by many people, or the immagrants that have no health testing that are handeling food. Or the child with no immunization. I think most days after a hard shift in the ER, I'm cleaner than the staff behind many fast food counters.
  4. by   mel1977
    I think much of it depends on where you work. For example, shoes. In the ob unit at our area hosp. they have to change shoes (may be entire hosp) but not scrubs. I work in rehab and it is much more laid back in general and is not in a hospital. I don't think it is a big deal-I see no real reason-there is no evidence to suggest our uniforms are a problem. More focus on handwashing and that kind of cleanliness-I think scrubs are the least of the worry.
  5. by   jo272wv
    Our hospital provides changing rooms for the Physicians but not the nurses. I agree that scrubs should be changed at work do to carrying all those germs not only out in public but also home to the family. But unless hospitals are required to provide space and uniforms to the nursing staff to change at work, staff is forced via conveinence to wear scrubs to and from work.
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    temptest in a teaapot

    unless you shower/shampoo changing clothes will not help much, and if you change into another scrub [which you don for comfort or convenience] the general public will still see you in scrubs not really any of their business what i wear if i am clean, ironed with all pertinent parts covered up it is for the casual observer to make judgement

    i cannot go t a store w/o seeing a person in uniform/scrubs, there is a lot of us out there..sometimes you are just too tired after work to do more than run in a get a stamp...loaf of bread lighten up
  7. by   danissa
    anyhoo folks, aren't your old scrubs GREAT for painting/decorating in , or cleaning the shower, oven etc in?.-- Roll up the legs----and you're great to go!!!!! VV old scrubs are also great halloween costumes-SO versatile!!!
  8. by   enfermera1
    The only time I can remember having to change clothes was when I worked In Neuro ICU or in the OR. All other areas you get to wear your scrubs outside the hospital. Part of the problem is that hospitals dont provide areas for staff to change.
  9. by   bhabytaz
    what are the effects of wearing scrbs ton and from work,outside the hospitals,etc.?